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"2x4....handy. Let's do some fucking carpentry." '- 'Terror Mask

A plank of wood, the 2x4 (pronounced two by four) is a bludgeoning weapon in the Splatterhouse games that Rick can use.

The 2x4 was voted number 95 in IGN Top 100 weapons in video game list http://www.ign.com/top/video-game-weapons/95

Splatterhouse (1988)[]

The 2x4 is a fairly common weapon in the game. Rick uses it to smash enemies into the wall.


Splatterhouse 3[]

A returning weapon from the first game.


Splatterhouse (2010)[]

Now no longer just a simple piece of construction wood, the 2010 version of the 2x4 is now several pieces of wood with nails and railroad spikes put strapped together as

Get a load of this THING, huh?

one big block of wood, acting like an improvised mace. When used on minor enemies, it easily sends them smashing into walls or other enemies. The 2x4 is a medium strength blugeoning weapon. It has a low knockback but has a decent endurance.


  • The 2x4 might be Rick's "signature weapon", along with the Cleaver, as they're found the most often in the Splatterhouse series. thumb|300px|right
  • The 2x4 is found in almost every phase in Splatterhouse (2010), further suggesting it's "signature weapon" status.
  • In a trailer for the TurboGrafix 16 port of Splatterhouse (1988), it shows an actor dressed as Rick (wearing a red hockey mask) making a 2x4 while a narrator mentions that the 2x4 is Rick's prime weapon while looking for his girlfriend.
  • Early BottleRocket era gameplay screenshots showed that the 2x4 was going to be a simple broken piece of wood with some nails attached to it.