"You need more power; you need more ME!" - Terror Mask

Abilities are any kind of supernatural power that the Terror Mask gives to Rick Taylor, or anything the Mask can do separately.

List of known abilitiesEdit

  • Telepathy - The Mask can "read" the minds of people and talk to them through it. Doing this, it can learn the secrets of anyone.
  • Symbiotic Bond - The Mask attaches itself to the face of it's host, and allows the host to use it's powers.
  • Transformation - The Mask changes it's host into an extremely muscular form.
  • Blood Absorbtion - The Mask draws blood into the host, which it can use to fuel it's powers.
  • Superhuman Strength - The Mask grants it's host enough strength to rip bodies apart and lift massive objects.
  • Mask Eye - Allows the host to see through the Terror Mask's "eyes".
  • Splatter Siphon - A 360 degree attack that drains blood from enemies, while healing the Mask's host.
  • Splatter Slash - Blades are formed from the host's arms, allowing for massive damage to enemies.
  • Splatter Smash - Blood and bones rise up from the floor like shockwaves after the host slams their fists into the ground, sending enemy creatures flying.
  • Regeneration - All wounds are healed, including lost limbs.
  • Beserker - The Terror Mask takes over the host, who is doubled in size and strength, and uses it's abilities to full extent for a short amount of time.
  • Skills - For paying different amounts of blood, the host can learn new ways to defend themselves.
  • Charged Attacks - The Mask can make the host's hand(s) glow bright red, which cause their attacks to inflict more damage.