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The Aegis is a one-eyed squid-like creature with four points coming off of the head that resemble ceremonial headwear. The Aegis has no capacity for direct combat. Instead, it will cast a spell that makes all nearby monsters invincible, save for damage from bladed weapons or Splatter Slash  attacks. It

Rick fighting a trio of monsters, with an Aegis visible in the background.

can also teleport to avoid Rick Taylor. The only way to stop this is to get rid of the Aegis first.


  • Ram or Psycho attacks can stun an Aegis long enough to deal damage, and reach a Splatterkill. A Splatter Ram can instantly kill it.
  • A properally time Splatter Smash can easily kill an Aegis, and can damage any enemies nearby.
  • A Splatter Shredder attack can cut off all of the Aegis' arms.


  • The name "Aegis" originates in Greek mythology. The Aegis was Zeus' shield, and it is this shield myth that ties into the creature's ability to make other monsters immune to damage.
  • From early concept art, it looks like the Aegis (formally called "Summoners") would be able to create portals for more enemies to come from.