Arkham is a town somewhere in Massachusetts, and the primary setting for the Splatterhouse series.

18th Century

Sometime in the 18th century, Dr. Henry West and his wife Leonora moved to Arkham. Arkham faced an outbreak of cholera, with Leonora West being one of the casulties. Using the strange science of Necrobiology, Dr. Henry West brough his wife back to life. However, Leonora would sometimes turn into a mindless creature and killed people. The people of Arkham decided to burn Leonora West in a wicker man, as they believed her to be a witch. They distracted Dr. West by sending him on a fool's errand in Cambridge. During the ceremony, some of the Arkham residents turned into bizarre creatures that were quickly dealt with by a masked brute. Leonora West attacked this brute in her monsterous form, but was quickly killed by him.

The masked man was never seen again.

20th Century

On Febuary 13th 1987, Jennifer Willis was born.

21st Century

Dr. Henry West is still alive and teaches at the Miskatonic University, which Jennifer Willis and Rick Taylor attend at. During the events of Splatterhouse, a solar eclipse is about to occur.


  • Arkham, Massachusetts is the same name as the fictional town in several of H.P. Lovecraft's novels.
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