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"Punch him in the ass!" ---Terror Mask

Beast 01.jpg

The biggest and ugliest creature in Splatterhouse (2010). It has a short head with a wide mouth that almost always hangs open. It is easily sent into a blind rage and will attack anything around it. One attack this thing seems to favor is trying to bite Rick in half. They first appear in Phase Seven: Scream Park, after defeating a group of Fish Folk.

When Rick performs a Splatterkill on a Beast, he smashes it's head into the ground, slides on it's back and shoves his hand up the Beast's rectum several times, before finally ripping its intestines out from its ass.


  • This creature may be a revamp of the Foul Beast, the first boss of Splatterhouse 3. Both are remarkably similar in appearance.
  • The Beast also somewhat resembles the Rancor from the Star Wars franchise.
  • Unlike the other mini-bosses, they don't drop any kind of improvised weapon (head, eyeball, etc.).
  • Beasts can't be dismembered or decapitated.
  • The Terror Mask often makes a one-liner after a Splatterkill, often a sexually themed one.