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"Wait wait wait - I know this guy! Yeah, we're screwed" - Terror Mask

Biggy Man is a boss creature in the Splatterhouse franchise. He appears as a mutated human with chainsaws attached to his arm stumps and a burlap sack covering his face.

Splatterhouse (1988)[]

Biggy Man.gif

After Rick crosses the bridge in Stage III, Biggy Man will appear and slash at Rick with his chainsaw hands. He can take away several health points for each strike. Fortunately for Rick, a shotgun can be found immediately before him. This makes Biggy Man much easier to defeat, especially if the player managed to hold onto another shotgun earlier in the stage and carry them both to the Biggy Man's battleground.

Splatterhouse (2010)[]

In Phase 4, you can hear a mysterious person laughing evilly throughout the hallways, and the Terror Mask comments on how someone is watching them through the


Splatterhouse - Meeting Biggy Man

cameras. This is Biggy Man, who lords over the Meat Factory in a gruesome, post-apocalyptic New York City set thirteen months after Rick failed to stop Dr. West from sacrificing Jenny. According to Dr. West, the Biggy Man is a servant creature to The Corrupted. He also says that it has a primitive, but cunning intelligence. In fact, Dr. West was lead into a Biggy Man trap once. Another example of the Biggy Man's intelligence is that it actually named itself.

When Rick and the Biggy Man finally meet, the Terror Mask comments on how he actually recognizes him, and how the two are "screwed". Rick first fights off Biggy Man with a shotgun, knocking the Biggy Man onto his back. The lights go out for a brief second and Biggy Man disappears, causing Rick to crash down to the bottom floor, where the Biggy Man becomes much more challenging. Eventually, Rick rips off one of Biggy Man's chainsaw arms and uses it against the monster, finally killing him. Rick takes the chainsaw with him to use in Phase Five: The Corpse that Wouldn't Die.

Strategy (1988 version)[]

  • One of the best strategies against this version of the Biggy Man is "the Shotgun Juggle," where Rick moves forward while swapping both shotguns until reaching the Biggy Man. If an enemy crosses the player's path, use the kick attacks to deal with them. (Pressing down and kick while in the air allows Rick to jump-kick while holding a weapon.) Use one shotgun on the Biggy Man until it's empty, and then finish him with the second one.
  • Do not fire the shotguns too quickly; when the Biggy Man has been pushed back to the rightmost side of the screen, he will leap forward at you to regain ground, which will cause you to miss if you fire at this time. Fire slowly, and wait for him to land from his leap before you continue firing.
  • Rick's sliding kick is a good attack if you run out of shotgun shells.
  • Stay as far away from the Biggy Man as possible. Its long chainsaw arms can reach much further than Rick's.
  • Be sure that you're going to hit the Biggy Man before you fire the shotgun.
  • Biggy Man takes exactly 10 shotgun shells to die.

Strategy (2010 version)[]

  • Before going in the elevator, it's recommended to upgrade the weapon's durability. This gives you more shotgun rounds to use during the side scrolling area of the Biggy Man fight.
  • Be sure that you're going to actually hit the Biggy Man before you fire the shotgun.
  • If Biggy Man cuts off one of Rick's arms during the arena fight, it can be a very useful weapon against the chainsaw-armed freak.
  • Watch the shadows for movement and sparks. Biggy Man might disappear, and try to sneak attack you.


Due to the Biggy Man having chainsaws for hands, he can easily deal massive damage to opponents. The chainsaws he uses are powerful enough to cut through certain types of metal. One attack it sometimes does is cutting its chainsaws through the floor, causing sparks to fly. He has high stamina, as the Biggy Man can withstand several shotgun blasts. In the 1988 version, Biggy Man could move very quickly and often jumped around the screen. The 2010 version is much slower during the fight. However, Biggy Man can quickly disappear when the lights turn off for a brief period of time. The Biggy Man has some level of intelligence, as he has set up several traps throughout the Meat Factory. Rick explores the Meat Factory, he begins to see apparitions and visions, which suggests that the Biggy Man might possess telepathic abilities of some kind.


  • The Biggy Man was most likely a reference to the 1980's B-Movie horror series, Evil Dead, where the main character Ash attached a chainsaw to his arm to replace his lost hand.
  • The burlap sack that Biggy Man wears on his head might be a reference to Jason Voorhees' appearance in Friday the 13th Part 2.
  • Players who want to farm large amount of Blood in the remake will want to replay this boss battle as they can earn thousands of points in a short amount of time.
  • Original Bottle Rocket concept art showed Biggy Man as more of an overweight human, which several fans took very negatively. The concept art was nicknamed "BigFattyMan" This was changed when Namco stepped in and wound back project development. However, the Biggy Man present in Splatterhouse (2010) still is overweight.
  • Due to the Splatterhouse (2010) version of the Biggy Man living inside a meat factory that mostly serves human flesh, it may be possibly a reference to Leatherface.
  • During the Biggy Man boss fight in the remake, "Walk With Me In Hell" by Lamb of God plays for the first half of the fight, and "Dead Shall Rise" by Terrorizer plays on the second.
  • The "Biggy Man" name is a mistranslation of "Piggyman" (ピギーマン), which is the monster's official name in the game's PC Engine manual. The early instance of this mistake can be found in Turbo Play Magazine's strategy guide for the TurboGrafx-16 version, published in their August/September 1990 issue. The "Biggy Man" spelling was later popularized by West Mansion, the prevailing Splatterhouse fan site, to the point that "Biggy Man" has been used as the monster's name in the 2010 version of Splatterhouse.
  • In the iTunes Splatterhouse (1988) soundtrack, the track entitled "Piggyman" still refers to the monster's correct name.
  • Biggy Man is one of the most well-known monsters from the series.
  • The Biggy Man has a striking resemblance to the Missionary boss from Silent Hill 3.
  • When you first meet Biggy Man, the Mask actually recognizes him which may support the paradox theory in Splatterhouse (2010).