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Boreworms, also known as Body Eaters, are small leech like creatures that have appeared in each Splatterhouse game, except for Splatterhouse Wanpaku Graffiti. They're well known for appearing in swarms.

Splatterhouse (1988)[]


Boreworms first appeared as the major enemies at the end of Stage 1. They also appeared during Stage 4 if the player accidently falls down a hole and in Stage 5. One Boreworm bursts out from a hanging corpse at the end of Stage 1, suggesting that they can eat a victim from the inside. Boreworms could latch onto Rick and slowly drain his health, making encounters with them very difficult.

Splatterhouse 2[]

The Boreworms in Splatterhouse 2 are much smaller, suggesting that


they're starving and are purple rather than red. Boreworms' only appearance was in Stage 1, where they might appear in pits, which other enemies could fall in. If you look closely, you can see blood on them.

Splatterhouse 3[]

During Splatterhouse 3, a Giant Boreworm impregnates Jennifer's body with a Boreworm.

Giant Boreworm

If Rick doesn't kill the Giant Boreworm (the boss of Level 2) in time, it will devour her from the inside out and leave her a Mindless Beast. Boreworms can be found and fought in the boss room, making the fight more difficult as they annoy and hurt Rick if they come into contact with him.

They look much similar to the Boreworms in the first game, aside from their bright red skin and green mouths, just like the Giant Boreworm.

Splatterhouse (2010)[]

In Splatterhouse (2010), the Boreworms' role are drastically reduced, serving as small sources for spendable blood instead of as an actual enemy.


  • The fact that Rick stomps the Boreworm in the 2010 remake might reference how Rick is now much bigger and more muscular in that game compared to the Rick from the orginal Splatterhouse series.
    •  Actually, this is more likely Boreworms appear to get smaller in each new game.
      • First game: Large Snake
      • Second Game: Small Snake
      • Third Game: Rodent
      • 2010 Remake: Bug
  • Boreworms are likely a reference to the chestbursters from the "Alien" series. They also bear a strong resemblance to the creatures from The Deadly Spawn.
    • The name "Boreworm", as well as their appearance might be taken from the 1980's Science Fiction film "Flash Gordon".
  • The Giant Boreworm In Splatterhouse 3, appears to be the only kind of Boreworm with actual legs. It also appears to have psychic abilities, as it is able to control a Boreworm buried in Jennifer's body that will eventually turn her into a "Mindless Beast" if it is not defeated in time. Meanwhile, defeating it in time somehow caused the Boreworm in her body to disappear, similar to Balloon Head.