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BugBrain (or Spider-Bug) is the fourth Boss of Splatterhouse 2. It is a pale bipedal, fly-like monster with disgustingly bloated veins, an elongated tongue and extraordinary sliding abilities. This boss has two different forms and it's sort of the guardian of the house.

1st Phase[]


While in it's first phase, the creature constantly hops towards Rick, but once it's close enough, it quickly hops back and slides to the screen's corner, it always follows this pattern. In order to damage this creature, it can be "tricked" while it hops forward if Rick moves the same direction and punches it, that will stun it for a second but then it will immediately slide, so jump to avoid that. Another way, but harder, is to jump while it slides and when it passes Rick, quickly turn back and kick it in mid-air. Repeat either of these strats until you hit it eight times.

2nd Phase[]


After it takes 8 hits, all of it's body parts (except for it's head) melt/disintegrate. Then, the disembodied chunk of it's head grows red spindly legs, and splits down the middle, reveling a green circular mouth with multiple rows of sharp fangs. This spider-like creature is much more smaller and nimble, it crawls all over the ground incredible faster and occasionally jumps. Because it's much more smaller, it cannot be hit with punches (unless it's well timed when the spider jumps), so kicks are your only resource.

In a similar fashion of it's first phase, if Rick hits the spider, it jumps and then crawls at him to the corner. Upon being hit a second time, it crawls back to one of the corners and stays like that until Rick moves very close to it, then it crawls at him again. So if Rick kicks it, it jumps and crawls at him, and so on. Once again, it takes 8 hits to finish the creature for good. The head disintegrates in the ground and Rick enters the mansion.


  • In the Japanese manual the monster's name is listed as "メタモール". In this context the name would translate to "meta-mold", referring to the monster's strength and grotesque, shapeshifting nature.