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A bladed weapon that Rick Taylor is able to use.

Splatterhouse (1988)[]

Although Rick does not use the chainsaw in this game, the Biggy Man has two chainsaws attached to its arms.

Splatterhouse 2[]

In stage 3, Rick enters a room with several Blood Puppets. On the floor is a pair of hedge clippers and a chainsaw that are suddenly possessed by Poltergeists. Knock down the hedge clippers and throw them at the chainsaw as the chainsaw will instantly kill them.

Chainsaw from Splatterhouse 2.

Splatterhouse (2010)[]

Along with the return of the Biggy Man, Rick can use his own (enormous) chainsaw against his enemies. During the Biggy Man fight, Rick rips off it's left chainsaw arm and uses it as a weapon against it. In the end Rick uses it to slice up Biggy Man. After this battle, the chainsaw will start appearing during other phases of the game for Rick to pick up and use without having to fight anyone for it.


  • After doing the Biggy Man's second Splatterkill, the player can use a uniquely skinned chainsaw that has bits of flesh attached to it.
  • If the player uses the heavy attack, Rick will get covered in blood that won't disappear until the end of the level/Survival arena or until the player gets killed.
  • If the player tries to jump while using the chainsaw, Rick will instend rev the chainsaw and pull it upwards.
  • In the 2010 game, if Rick is covered in blood while or after using the chainsaw; there will be a small section of the mask left clean that resembles a smile


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