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"Now we're cookin'!"---Terror Mask


A simple bladed weapon in Splatterhouse that Rick can use, and has appeared in almost every entry in the series.

Splatterhouse Wanpaku Graffiti[]

Unlike the other games, Rick is always holding the Cleaver, unless he has the shotgun.


Splatterhouse (1988)[]

Found early in the game, and a common weapon. A cleaver can be used to decapitate enemies.


Splatterhouse 3[]

A Cleaver can be found in the game, acting as a useful weapon. If Rick gets hurt, the cleaver will be taken away.


Splatterhouse (2010)[]


A returning weapon from the orginal series. The cleaver can also be found in the hands of one of the monsters that Rick faces. The Sword and the Machete use a similar combat style. It seems to be the most common of the three.


  • The 2010 version of the Cleaver appears to be based on the appears to be based on the "Carcass Splitter" model meat cleaver. Carcass Splitters are normal 36 inches long with a 15 inch blade, and weigh roughly 10 pounds.
  • The Cleaver seems to be the "signature weapon" of Splatterhouse.