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Splatterhouse (1988)[]

Encountered in Level 5 of the game, there's an area filled with these things. From a distance, they taunt Rick by giving him the middle finger. One punch or kick should be able to kill them.


Evil hand giving Rick the middle finger.

Splatterhouse 2[]


Returning from Splatterhouse (and growing nice, long, red nails in between games, apparently), these hands chase Rick around and leap at him in Stage 5, but one hit will dispatch them.

Splatterhouse 3[]

One Evil Hand appears in Splatterhouse 3, which tells the player to go in a direction they should go to reach a door. Splatterhouse3EvilHand.png


  • The Evil Hands are references to Evil Dead II. In the film, Ashley "Ash" J. William‘s right hand was possessed by evil spirits and he cut it off. Afterwards, the hand took on a life of its own and even gave Ash the middle finger.
  • Some thought that the middle finger in the Japanese Version was a way of beckoning.