"Oh my God....Mark, Dan...I knew these people."---Rick Taylor

Forgotten are muscular zombies or creatures found in Splatterhouse.

Variants Edit

SH 2010 SS 7

Rick fighting some Student Forgotten

Student Forgotten:

This zombie is pretty common. Possibly more deadly in a small group. Student Forgotten basically look humanoid with cargo pants or whatever clothing they were wearing before West got a hold of them. Flesh and body structure varies from Student to Student.Their main way of attacking is to pummel or throw Rick to the ground and stomp on him. They also have a nasty little counter attack. In the side scroll areas they are much weaker.

SH 2010 SS 20

Rick slamming a Slaughterhouse Forgotten.

Slaughterhouse Forgotten:

Between the Student Forgotten and the Clown Forgotten, the Slaughterhouse Forgotten is the strongest of the three. He's also the meanest. Completely blind, pale skin tone and large body frame, and wears a black butcher's apron that is stained with blood. Some, but not all of them are armed with a cleaver. When armed in a fight they are much more deadly than when they're unarmed.

Clown Forgotten:


Rick killing some Clown Forgotten.

Basically an extremely thin undead clown, with hair that resembles horns. These Forgotten in a way are much weaker physically, but are able to deal greater damage from a distance by breathing fire at Rick. Another attack they use is a break-dance like kick. They're also a lot faster then most of the creatures in the game.

Fish Folk:

Another type of Forgotten that look like a large fish monster with a slightly elongated head. If you're near the water, they just keep coming. This creature is capable of diving into the ground and resurfacing in a different spot. They usually resurface right behind Rick and claw at him. They also have toxic attack that leaves Rick stunned for a short amount of time.

Demon Fire Forgotten:

These look like the Student Forgotten, except that their bodies glow a bright red like flames. Possibly the most dangerous of the Forgotten. Rick can't touch them without getting hurt. The best way to get rid of these guys is to just kill them with any weapon. Another tactic is to use one of the Mask's powers. Failing that, heavy punch attacks are good if the Necro Meter is empty.


  • At one point of the first phase, Rick recognize two Student Forgottens as former schoolmates, this being a developer oversight as they look exactly the same as any other Student Forgotten in the game. This is because in prototype versions, each Forgotten had different outfits.
  • The Fish Folk resemble the Gill-man from the Creature from the Black Lagoon film series. They are most likely a reference to the "Dagon" from the works of H.P Lovecraft, like Doctor West himself.
  • The Terror Mask calls the Clown Forgottens, "Chuckles" .