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Ghasts are spiked creatures with a spiked club-like arm. Like the Homini they are a common enemy in the game. They will attack Rick with their club-like arm or rip him apart if given the chance to.



Demon Ghasts:

Just like the Ghasts, only stronger and coloured white and red. They also seem to have more spikes on their club arms.


Kamikaze Ghasts:

Unlike the Normal Ghasts and Demon Ghasts, this variation don't have spikes or club arm at all and charge at Rick aimlessly. If Rick touches them they explode on contact and deal a decent amount of damage to him.


  • A Ghast was the cause of Rick's injuries that lead him to putting on the Terror Mask.
  • Teratoids often throw Ghasts at Rick in combat.
  • Ghasts are the only enemies that can be thrown onto impalement points and be fed to Guardians.
  • Strangely, the Ghasts fought in-game seem different than the ones that attacked Rick, with the latter being green and possessing a different number of eyes. This variant seems much more similar to the early beta version.