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"Okay, now look what you did. Me and your big mouth..."-Terror Mask

During the Poltergeist boss fight, it creates a large body made up of broken furniture, gas tanks and a clock tower with organic bits holding it all together. In the chest area, there's an old porclean doll that has the poltergeist possesing it. The Golem was made after Rick accidently disturbed the Poltergeist. During the fight, the floor will collapse during the Golem's weight, causing it and Rick to fall. During these falls, quick time events will start that let's Rick tear off some of the Golem's armor.

Towards the end of the fight, the Golem tries to crush Rick with one of it's feet. The Terror Mask transforms Rick into his "Berserker" form and knocks the Golem onto the ground. He then tears open the chest using the clock tower's spike. Rick reverts into his "normal" form, tears off the doll's head and crushes it under his foot.


  • Before the Golem does an attack, it allows has some kind of sign. Watch the Golem while fighting it to learn its pattern.
  • The most effective attacks against the Golem is a ram attack or a jumping slam attack.
  • Don't stay near the Golem's legs for too long. The Golem can hurt Rick just by walking around.
  • Pay attention during the fight. If it's a first time playthrough, the Golem can easily kill Rick.
  • Sometimes, the Golem will get stuck if it slams the ground with the clock hand. Use this to your advantage and attack.


  • "Hollow Ground" by The Haunted plays during the first half of the fight, and "Must Kill" by Cavalera Conspiracy will play during the second.
  • After this boss fight, Berserker Mode and Splatterhouse (1988) will be unlocked.
  • The Golem is the weakest boss monster in Splatterhouse (2010).
  • During the fight, the Golem will telekinetically throw furniture at Rick. This is a reference to the Poltergeist fight in Splatterhouse (1988).