Splatterhouse Wiki

Guardians are creatures placed to delay Rick's progress while trying to save Jennifer.


Mouth Guardian: All it's is a giant mouth with short pointed teeth. To beat this one you only have to throw Ghasts into the mouth until it belches and opens wide creating a passage to the next area.

Eyeball Guardian: It's a giant eyeball. The only way it can hurt Rick is if the eyelids slam shut on him. Kill the creatures that protect it and then attack the eye itself until Rick is able to rip the eyeball out of its socket. And then proceed to the next area.

Worm Guardian: Acts more like a snake then it does a worm. But this creature is one of the more difcult guardians to deal with. It will slam its head against the ground trying to crush Rick or it will whip its tongue across the area. Once beaten it will slither back into its hole and allowing Rick to move onto the next area.