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Splatterhouse (1988)[]

Hell Chaos.gif

Hell Chaos is the final boss of the game which you encounter in Stage 7. Its decaying head will rise out of the ground, and it will attempt to grab Rick with its rotting hands. It also throws rocks in the air as well, which will injure Rick.

Splatterhouse (2010)[]

He does not make any major appearance in the reboot, and is instead replaced by a culmination of monsters' bodies, The Overlord. He does, however, appear as an easter egg in the 2010 game in the form of a door and a stage prop.


  • In Dandyland, stage 7 of Splatterhouse 2010, his image is visible as a cardboard cutout over the exit near the ocean, where you first encounter fishmen.
  • As it is underneath a lone tombstone just outside of the mansion, it is theorized to be the result of Dr. West experimenting on himself. However, this is never elaborated on, and the character of Dr. West didn't exist until the home port.
  • His hands attack the player from the front of the screen, despite the fact his head appears on the sides. This suggests either the creature has telekinetic abilities, or it is laying down awkwardly beneath the earth with the player standing roughly on his chest.
  • Due to Hell Chaos' rotting state, as well as the melted look he has, many fans have dubbed him, "Captain Mozzarella" for comical reasons, due to him vaguely resembling a slice of pizza, more specifically, the cheese on it. In the fandom, his battle theme is usually called Requiem of Captain Mozzarella (Arcade) or Ballad of Captain Mozzarella (TurboGrafx-16).
  • One of the soundtrack pieces of the 2010 Splatterhouse reboot is called "Hell Chaos"
  • The redesign of Nemesis in the 2020 Resident Evil 3 remake seems to be an homage to this creature