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The Hell Tentacles (ヘルテンタクルズ), more commonly known as the Lake Beast or Lake Monster by English fans, is a monster in Splatterhouse 2. It is a Lovecraftian beast that dwells in the waters surrounding Shin Splatterhouse.

Stage IV[]

As Rick crosses the bridge leading to the lake island, the Hell Tentacles will chase him, destroying the bridge behind him. The monster gives up the chase when Rick nears land.

Stage VIII[]

After Rick and Jennifer escape the collapsing Splatterhouse on a speedboat, the Hell Tentacles give chase. The beast will fire spikes at Rick. Rick must punch the spikes and throw them back at the monster's eye to escape

The Lake Monster in Splatterhouse 2 (left), and a texture in Splatterhouse (2010) showing off the clasic monster (right)