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Homini are an enemy type encountered in Splatterhouse (2010). They are one of the first and most common enemy types encountered.

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Homini Variants[]

There are three types of Homini found in Splatterhouse (2010)

The Flesh Homini are extremely common, however are the weakest enemy overall. They stand at average human height (although they're normally slouched) with skeletally thin builds and extraordinarily long claws for fingers that assist them in both slicing prey and climbing obstacles. They lack any hair and their skin is a bloody pinkish hue with several tears and stretches all over. Their mouth is stitched shut and their eyes are removed, leaving only the outline of the skull to peer through the covers of skin. They violently shake and contort when they walk or stand still and sprint on all fours when chasing an enemy. Due to their more fragile nature, they almost immediately die from one or two hits both from Rick and the fellow creatures, however they make up for their lack of health and damage by normally appearing in greater numbers.

The Silver Homini are encountered in the Phase 2 and although are not as common as their fleshy counterparts, are notably more dangerous. Their skin is replaced with a metallic silver and the rips and creases found around their body and face glow a bright neon blue, giving more of an otherworldly feeling. They're also vocally silent as they almost never make any sound aside from movement. Their health is greatly increased from the flesh variant, not only being able to withstand multiple direct attacks but multiple grabs as well. Their damage is also heavily increased as they will deal a good chunk of damage to the player and will almost consistently sever Rick's arm if available and can even sever Rick's head if he is low enough on health.

There is a special Jenny variant of the Homini that can be found in Phase 8 and in The Death Coaster. While visually they're distinct as they appear to be corrupted versions of Jenny with mutated faces, pale skin, and dark hair, their stats are similar to the silver Homini.




  • It's possible the Homini is Splatterhouse 2010's interpretation of The Deadmen.
    • Both are enemies discovered within the first stages of their respective games.
    • Both usually die within a single hit.
    • Both have two main variants. The weaker variant being flesh based (pinkish for Homini, red for Deadmen) while the stronger variant being more alien-like (silver with neon creases for Homini, green for Deadmen).
  • The Homini is technically the first creature seen in the game as it appears on the start up and main menu screen.
  • The Homini are some of the only creatures who are seen capable of infighting as one is spotted fighting a Slaughterhouse Forgotten in Phase 4 shortly before being killed.
  • It is implied in Dr. West's Journal that the reason their face is closed off with flesh is because their screams were growing too loud to ignore when working.
  • Despite their closed mouths, they are the monster most commonly seen eating flesh around the various levels of the game.
  • They are some of the only enemies who cannot be splatterkilled. The other enemies who lack splatterkills are eye and mouth Guardians and the Spitter.
    • To add to this, they are also the only enemy who have a special grab animation with Rick. When Rick grabs one Homini, he'll slide it around on the ground and lift and slam the Homini, while if there's two Homini, he'll grab both of them, spin them around, and slam their heads in together.