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"Darling! Help me!" -Lenora, upon burning to death in the wicker man

Leonora West was the wife of Dr. Henry West.

Leonora next to Henry in a painting.

She died in 18th century, from a Cholera outbreak in Arkham and was revived by Dr. West in order to be with again. This turned her into a terrible creature, though there were moments when her previous self shown through, at which points she would ask him to free her, but he wouldn't give up on restoring her.

After Dr. West revived her he had to keep her locked up while he was away or asleep as she would leave the Mansion and go on a killing spree. As he mentioned in his journal, she once got out of the house and when he found her the next day she was covered in blood and was carrying a porcelain doll, implying that she had killed and possibly eaten the child it belonged to.

While Dr. West was sent away by the townsfolk of Arkham to distract him, a mob raided West Mansion and captured Leonora under suspicion of witchcraft. She was sentenced to death. They placed her in a large wicker man and sought to cleanse her with fire while her husband raced to save her. An unknown force transformed the mob into grotesque creatures that would block the path of both Dr. West and Rick Taylor, who mistook Leonora for Jennifer, due to their very similar appearances.

Upon killing the transformed mob, Rick attempted to save Leonora but she had reverted to her possessed form and attacked him. Rick killed Leonora before teleporting away, leaving West broken with grief and regret that would lead to his future actions.


  • Jennifer strangely resembles her. This was hinted at by the Corrupted to be a sign of their intended sacrifice. Dr. West hoped that Jennifer's body would be a vessel for Leonora's soul as his reward for his faithful service. Whether or not the Corrupted ever intended to fulfill this promise is unknown.
  • The words that were spoken to West about her not having to die that led West to resurrect her are the same words the Terror Mask speaks to Rick. West's journal indicates that he never unlocked the power of The Mask. Thus it is unknown whether The Mask set the events of her resurrection and second death in motion, or another unseen entity.