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"Paint the walls red..." A basic metal pipe intended for plumbing, now used as a bludgening weapon in Splatterhouse.

Splatterhouse 2[]

One of the earliest found weapons in the game, and replaces the 2x4


from Splatterhouse (1988).

Splatterhouse 3[]

A weapon found in the game. Oddly, the weapon is bloody when you pick it up.


Splatterhouse (2010)[]

Splatterhouse g jpg 627x325 crop upscale q85.jpg

The pipe is the highest rated bludgeoning weapon in the game, with the highest knock-back and best endurance. It's one of the rarest weapons in the game, so it's advised to hold onto it for as long as you can.


  • The Metal Pipe is one of the rarest weapons in Splatterhouse (2010).
  • It's obviously the only bludgeoning weapon that isn't made from wood or organic matter.
  • It's refered as a Metal Pipe because it's currently unknown what kind of metal the pipe is actully made from. However, it's possible that it's made from steel.