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Mindless Beast Jennifer is the infamous, mutated form of Jennifer that only appears via real-actor cutscenes in Splatterhouse 3. The particular image is the result of extreme failure in Stage 2.

Notably, the cutscenes are from the second stage, in which the plot revolves around killing the "Giant Boreworm" to prevent Jennifer from becoming a "Mindless Beast" (hence the name). These cutscenes are designed to ferociously punish the player by showing them the extreme consequences for their failure in the form of grotesque imagery. The infamous picture actually occurs at 0:00, despite Jennifer actually "dying" (As in "Beyond the point of rescue") at 2:00, as in the cutscene before the infamous mindless beast, her brain is devoured by a Boreworm. After 2 more minutes elapse, what's left of her is then mutated into a menacing, monstrous form, completely changing her physical appearance to the point where Rick no longer even recognizes her. The image is extremely infamous among players, giving them many nightmares.


Starts turning into a Mindless Beast (2:00)[]

If the player fails to save Jennifer before 2:00 is reached, the Boreworm will devour Jennifer's brain and will begin to mutate her body. If this happens, she'll be considered as "dead", even if the timer never reaches 0:00, and you will be greeted with the image below accompanied by the following text:

"The worm gorges on Jennifer's brain.

The cutscene that occurs at the 2 minutes before the "Mindless Beast"

It squirms bloated in her skull.

You didn't save her in time."

Becomes a Mindless Beast (0:00)[]

This is when the Boreworm begins mutating Jennfier's physical form after devouring her brain, completely changing her outer appearance to that of a humanoid monster. Since poor ol' Jenny dies when the clock reaches 2:00, if the player STILL fails to beat the level before 0:00 is reached...

...The infamous cutscene will haunt you!

Be afraid... Be very, very afraid...as this will be one of the greatest nightmares to experience from.

The cutscene script reads the following:

Jennifer has become a mindless beast.

Deformed by the Boreworm even Rick couldn't recognize her now.

She is changed....... forever.

2010 Version[]

In 2010, a remake of Splatterhouse was released, upon completing certain achievements in the game, Splatterhouse (1988), Splatterhouse 2 and Splatterhouse 3 could be played as extra content. There were some differences with the in-game actor cutscenes, however, in which a lot of the original images were changed and completely replaced. Below is the image and video of the "Mindless Beast Jennifer" from the remade version. It's assumed that the image was altered was because the rights to the original actress' likeness could not be obtained. The new version, while still spooky, is a lot goofier in design.

A photo of the "2010" Mindless Beast Jennifer.


  • "Mindless Beast Jennifer" might be a call back to the fifth boss in the original Splatterhouse (When Jennifer was turned into a monster).
    • If the Boreworms always had the properties they have in Splatterhouse 3, this could actually explain how she became the original game's fifth boss. This might also explain why in Splatterhouse 3's second stage, she "dies" at 2:00 instead of 0:00, because she has already lost her mind, which means it was likely that if 0:00 was reached, you would've fight her along side/instead of the Big Boreworm.
  • She is, ironically, the only demonized form of Jennifer that doesn't serve as a boss/enemy, and therefore, Rick isn't forced to fight her in any way.
    • The "Possessed Jennifer" from Splaterhouse 2010 wouldn't count because this is actually done by Leonora West, who was the boss of "The Wicker's Bride", not to mention being strangely docile (in the sense that she doesn't attack Rick), despite her attempt to kill Rick in the Wicker Bride.
      • She is also the only "monster" Rick doesn't kill in the series (though she still "dies" in the end anyway).
  • This form of Jennifer (in the original version) is notorious all over the internet for being the "creepiest/scariest" character in the Splatterhouse series. It's believed that this is mainly due to her extremely realistic appearance.
    • Interestingly enough, she also has also the most realistic digitized actor in the game, making each cutscene Jennifer is in creepy or scary in its own way.
  • Because the cutscenes are shown in the colors black and blue, she ironically bears a striking resemblance to one of the "forms" of Jason Voorhees' mother (this is much more obvious in the 2010 version) in the Friday the 13th NES Game.
    • This actually would make sense since Rick Taylor (combined with his mask) actually does resemble Jason, so the reference might've been intentional.
  • Her mutation into a Mindless Beast techncially at 2:00; once reached, she is automatically considered dead, since the cutscene at 2:00 says "you didn't save her in time", implying you failed the level; the time 0:00 is just a way to brutally punish the player even further. This is the only time in Splatterhouse 3 where the player can fail to before the timer reaches 0:00. However, it has been proven that jennifer will still be safe even if the time limit reaches below 2:00 upon clearing the level and defeating the giant boreworm. But to do this, you need to be IN the boss room before the timer reaches 2:00.
  • However, if it reaches 0:00, she is gone for good.

2010 Does a Callback.

*In Splatterhouse (2010), the Mirror Jennifer enemies will momentarily show an almost-identical face to Mindless Beast Jennifer before attacking, complete with the black vein effect, the bulge in her foread from the boreworm, and the same sharp teeth.