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"We all have our demons, Rick; it's time to face yours..." -Terror Mask

Mirror Ricks are enemies that Rick Taylor encounters in the Splatterhouse series. They are doppelgangers of him, but grayer in color.

Splatterhouse (1988)[]

Mirror Rick as he appeared in Splatterhouse (1988)

In level 4 of this game there's a hallway of mirrors, three of which hide Mirror Ricks. Three hits are needed to kill one. After they are killed, a Mirror Rick will collapse into a pile of dust (or sand) with a fake Terror Mask on top of it.

They also appear the alternate way of the level 5 (if you decide to avoid Master Dead).

Splatterhouse (2010)[]

T splatterhouse launch hd 1640.jpg

Mirror Rick returns in the 2010 remake as the fourth boss. Taking on a darker appearance relative to its existence on the silver side of the mirror. They are dark blue skinned and have a red and more sinister designed Terror Mask of their own, they also share all of the same powers Rick has and even fight like Rick.


Mirror Rick will attack the player during Phase Eight: Reflections in Blood after pulling Rick into his world. He will then emerge from within mirrors before battling Rick. This is a multi-stage battle. The first stage pits Rick against his doppleganger who utilizes normal Rick's combat moves. The second stage sees multiple Mirror Ricks emerging from mirrors and attacking Rick from 3 directions. These are much weaker versions. The third stage returns to a one-on-one battle, but this time Mirror Rick can perform several Mask-attacks. The final stage is a fight against a Berserker Mirror Rick.

Two Berserker Mirror Ricks return in Phase Eleven: Blood Eclipse to aid Dr. Henry West in trying to delay Rick's progress. They also appear in the last stage of the "Lost Island" downloadable survival level, with one of which being a Berserker.


  • By Mirror Rick's actions while doing some Mask attacks (except Splatter Jump Slash, Splatter Jump Smash and Splatter Smash) and appearance as a berserker, he resembles Rick in the E3 Demo version of Splatterhouse.
  • Mirror Rick has a red Terror Mask in the 2010 game, a reference to the TurboGrafx-16 version of Splatterhouse.
  • A defeated Mirror Rick will shatter like glass.
  • Like the Biggy Man boss battle, players who wish to gain large amounts of Blood will find this boss battle to be an excellent way to gain thousands of points in a short amount of time.
  • Mirror Rick could be a reference to the film Evil Dead II and Army of Darkness as the protagonist must fight mirror reflections of himself as well.
  • "Dead Eyes" by Invisible Enemies, "Dying Breed" by Five Finger Death Punch and "Dead Shall Rise" by Terrorizer play during the three thirds of the battle.
  • According to the unused Splatterhouse 2010 cut dialogue, Mirror Rick wants to Replace Rick and live the life Rick wanted.
  • In Splattehouse 3 on the stage 5 there is an illusion of Rick made by The Evil One, but it doesn't do anything. However if we touch him, the illusion will collapse and an evil laugh can be heard (This is a warning from The Evil One).