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Monsters are the enemies of the Splatterhouse series. These creatures range from simple zombies to interdimensional beasts and even spirits of the dead. None of theses creatures can be reasoned with and must be killed.


"Whether they be born from the horrible genius of Dr. West or the dark energies of the abyss, there is a cacophony of monsters standing in Rick's way. Undead denizens of our world corrupted by the leaking energy from rifts torn between two worlds and atrocities from experiments gone wrong. Gigantic building sized bosses and indescribable beasts await."

List of known monsters[]



Undead []

*Deadmen':' A walking pile of reanimated flesh and bones. This monster no longer resembles the person it used to be.

  • Evil Hand: A dismembered hand capable of moving on it's own. It's also able to insult Rick by giving him the middle finger.
  • Forgotten
  • Homini