In Splatterhouse (2010), outlines are used as a quick way for the player to understand certain changes in the creatures faced in the game. It also deals with the condition of the weapons in the game.

Enemy OutlinesEdit

Red OutlineEdit

When a creature has a red outline, it means that they are ready for a Splatterkill.

Yellow OutlineEdit

A yellow outline means that Rick is "locked on" to a certain creature.

Green OutlineEdit

When the creature has a green outline, it means that it is being protected by the magic of an Aegis.

Purple OutlineEdit

A purple outline means that a creature has been enraged by the magic of a Teratoid.

Weapons OutlinesEdit

White OutlineEdit

The weapon is in excellent condition

Pink OutlineEdit

The weapon is being to break.

Red OutlineEdit

The weapon is at the breaking point.