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"Make a wish? Okay. I want us to be together until the end of the world."--- Jennifer Willis.

The first phase in Splatterhouse (2010).


"Two lovers, Rick and Jen, are seperated. She is taken, he is left to die; a man named West is guilty of both crimes. Too late they learn that monsters are real. A mysterious mask offers Rick a chance for life, and for redemption; but at what cost?"


(Any sentences in { } are actions done by characters in either cutscenes or gameplay. It also describes that current scene.)

Part One: "Jenny...I'm Sorry..."[]


{The screen is completely black}

Jennifer Willis: Make a wish? Okay. I want us to be together until the end of the world.

{Screen changes to show several pictures of Rick Taylor and Jennifer Willis, with blood splattered on the ground. A slow heart


beat can be heard. Screen cuts to Rick Taylor's right arm. The screen cuts to show Rick's legs. Much more blood is seen. The sceen cuts again to show more pictures of Rick and Jenny, along with other contents of Jenny's purse. Screen cuts to show Rick, laying in a pool of his own blood. Some blood begins to pour towards a picture of Rick and Jenny. Rick weakly trys to reach for the photo, but gives up. The heartbeat stops.}

Rick Taylor: Jenny...I'm sorry...

{Rick to closes his eyes, and prepares to die.}

Terror Mask: He took your girl, Rick.

Jenny...I'm sorry...

{Rick opens his eyes. The screen cuts to show flashbacks of Rick Taylor and Jennifer Wills shortly before the attack.}

Terror Mask: He took your dreams.

{Screen changes to another flashback, showing Rick holding a ring box, with a diamond engagement ring inside it.}

Terror Mask: And he took your life.

{Screen cuts to Rick falling onto the floor after the attack. The screen then cuts to show Dr. West, commanding his creatures to attack Rick and Jennifer.}

Terror Mask: Dr. Henry West, MD....he took it all.

{The screen cuts to a blurry image of the Terror Mask, which then comes into focus.}

Terror Mask:The only thing you got left is your soul....and that belongs to me.

{Screen cuts to a zoom-in on the Terror Mask.}

Terror Mask: Who am I? Let's just say I'm God; your God....least, the only God that's listening right now.

{Rick begins to crawl weakly towards the Terror Mask.}

Terror Mask: What do I want? Ah, same as any other God; a little faith...for without faith I am nothing...and without me you're fucked. She doesn't have to die.

{Rick reaches the Terror Mask, and puts it onto his chest.}

Terror Mask: I can help you; I can heal your wounds. We can save her, if you show me some faith...

{A first person shot of Rick holding the Terror Mask above his face}

She doesn't have to die...

Terror Mask: ...if you trust me, if you put me on...

{Rick Talor places the Terror Mask onto his face. Screen cuts to black, with the "Splatterhouse" logo being written in blood. Screen cuts to Rick Taylor struggling on the floor, screaming painfully as the Terror Mask attaches itself to his face. Rick is on his knees, his clothes beginning to tear apart. Blood is being absorbed into Rick's body.}

Terror Mask: Aw, quit whining...

{Rick's right arm muscles expands painfully. The added weight causes Rick to break one of his legs, and fall back onto the floor. The broken leg is healed by the Terror Mask's abilities.}

Terror Mask: ....did I say it was going to be fun?

{More of Rick's muscles grow and his clothes tear apart. More bones are heard breaking, and then instantly healed.}

Terror Mask: You're going to have to learn to love the pain...there's a lot more of it to come....

{Rick stands up in his hulked out form, grunting, and examines what he has turned into.}

Rick Taylor: What have you done to me? What am I? What am I?

Terror Mask: You're mine, Rick.

{Rick picks up a the picture that he was reaching for earlier.}

Rick Taylor: Jen...

{Rick crosses out his face on the picture with some blood.}

Terror Mask: Until Jen's safe in your arms....you're mine.

{Screen shows the current progress of the Solar Eclipse}

Terror Mask: Phase One: Satan's Masque.

{First person shot of Rick examining his changed form.}

Rick Taylor: What's happened to me?

{Screen changes to a tilted below show of Rick Taylor}

Terror Mask: To us. You're wearing me, I'm inhabiting you. We're a team, now.

{Above shot of Rick Taylor, looking around the West Mansion Lobby.}

Terror Mask: You help me get what I want, and I help you get your girl back.

{Blood begins to go up Rick's leg, as he is absorbing it into his body. Rick looks down to see this. A large amount of blood is now covering Rick.}

Rick Taylor: What the fuck is going on?

T splatterhouse launch hd 1665.jpg

{Rick begins to transform into his Beserker Form. Bones rip out of his arms, forming blades. More bones rip out of Rick's back, forming spikes. Rick screams painfully after the transformation}

Terror Mask: Ah man, it is good to finally be free...

{A snarl is heard, and Ghasts enter the room.}

Terror Mask: Come on - let's go kill something. It's been too long, and I'm way outta practice.


{The game starts up. The player has to kill several creatures using the the Beserker mode powers. The song Rigorous Vengeance by Municipal Waste starts playing. After the last creature is killed, a cutscene starts.}

{Rick is looking around the lobby, searching for any more monsters to kill.}

Terror Mask: Ah, you never forget your first kill....

{Rick screams painfully. His body isn't ready for Beserker mode yet.}

Terror Mask: Oooops! Too much for you Rick-O? Shit, you humans are so fragile.

{Rick falls to the floor as his Beserker form transformation reverts.}

Terror Mask: You're still weak; we'll have to...take it slower, build your strength.

{The game starts back up. Jennifer's scream can be heard.}

Rick Taylor: No! Jenny!

Terror Mask: Up there!

{Press up on the D-pad to use the Mask Eye ability. Mask Eye shows a door on the calcony. Rick goes up a staircase.}

Rick Taylor: What are you? I don't know anything about you.

Terror Mask: You set me free. I owe you. That's all you need to know.

Rick Taylor: Somehow, I don't believe you.

Terror Mask: And somehow, I don't care. Hehehe...believe what you want.

{The door opens on it's own. Rick climbs up a small set of stairs, and passes through a hallway. Through the windows in the hallway, the silhouettes of Ghasts can be seen. Another set of doors open, and Rick proceeds into the next room. Two Ghasts jump through the windows. The game pauses to show a tutorial of heavy and light attacks. The game resumes}

Terror Mask: Waste 'em.

{Rick attacks the Ghasts untill one of them has a red outline. The game pauses to introduce the player to Splatterkills. The games starts up again. More Ghasts start jumping out from the ceiling. By this time, Rick should be extremely damaged. The game will show a turorial to use the Splatter Siphon ability. Finish the rest of the Ghasts. Another door opens on it's own. Rick enters another room. A statue slides into a wall, and one of Jenny's Pictures can be seen. Rick walks towards it. A cutscene starts. Rick bends down and finds a the torn piece of picture from Jennifer.}

Rick Taylor: It's Jen. She must of left it for me to find.

Terror Mask: Rick, you lucky dog; she's a good looking girl.

{The cutscene ends. Rick goes down a small flight of stairs, and enters large room with a fireplace.}

Rick Taylor: Jennifer!


{A cutscene starts. Dr. West can be seen dragging Jenny through a hidden passage inside the fire place. The doorway closes. Several Homini crawl into the room from the ceiling.}

Rick Taylor: Oh shit...

{The cutscene ends. Rick kills all of the Homini creatures, and a door to the right opens. Rick goes through a long hallway. A glimpse of Dr. West and Jennifer can be seen from a hole in the wall.}

Rick Taylor: The path's blocked.

Terror Mask: Find another way 'round.

{An open door slams shut on Rick.}

Terror Mask: Try breaking through.

{Rick kicks open the door. He enters a room with a large fireplace decorated so that it resembles a demonic face. On the ground is a 2x4 that's stuck in some fleshy growth on the ground. Press down on the D-Pad to pick it up. This triggers a cutscene. Rick twists and pulls the 2x4 out of the fleshy growth.}

Get a load of this THING, huh?

Terror Mask: Get a load of THIS thing, huh?

{The fire in the fireplace goes out, and a seceret passage opens. Out comes two Ghasts. The passage is resealed and the fire is lit again. The camera then turns to several fish-like heads that are mounted on the wall, who begin laughing for no apparent reason. The cutscene ends. Rick kills all of the Ghasts in the room until the fireplace's passage opens again. Rick enters the doorway, which closes behind him.}

Terror Mask: Listen, I have a thirst Rick - call it a passion. See, when it comes to blood I'm something of a connoisseur, you know? You give me blood, I give you power, I make you stronger. You understand? Good!

Part Two: "For a Dick, you are such a pussy!"[]

{Rick goes up a small stairway, and go down a hallway. Several Homini fill the hallway. He kills them, and continue until you find a door that's being blocked by several crates. Rick smashes the crates to reveal the Boreworms hidden inside it and kicks the door open. The next room has a bookcase in it, along with another door. When Rick kicks the door, it is instead shattered to pieces, which knocks Rick over. A cutscene is triggered. The room is filled the dust, and Rick is looking around confused. The dust clears to show a Teratoid, which grabs Rick with it's whip-arm, rips off one of Rick's arms, and throws him onto the floor. The floorboards break and Rick falls into one of Dr. West's secret labs. Rick comes to and notices that one of his arms is missing.}

Rick Taylor: Wahhh!!! Oh God! Oh! Oh my arm!


{The cutscene ends. Rick is standing in the lab, with his torn off arm laying on the floor.}

Terror Mask: Jes-us Rick; get it together. I asked you to trust me; first sign of blood and you're crying like a schoolgirl. For a Dick you are such a pussy.

{Rick's missing arm is regrown. This introduces the player to Regeneration}

Rick Taylor: Uh! Wuh!

Terror Mask: There; all better now? You get too bad and it's game over; too much damage will kill us. And when I say us, I mean you.

{The lab has two rooms in it. Rick has to look around. After going in one of the rooms (the one with a piece of 2x4 in it), Rick gets locked in with several Homini. He kills them to open the door and leave the room. The camera moves to some tanks, which break and let out some Student Forgotten.}

Terror Mask: Well, what do we go here?

{Rick kills them, and another door will unlock}

Terror Mask: Getting closer. I can smell West. No mistaking that tang of insanity. And that pretty girl of yours, I can smell her too. Oooowww, she smells good. Terror, confusion, panic. I like her.

{Rick kicks open the door, and goes up a ramp. He continues down the hallway until Rick find a room with several broken floorboards that have a strange green glow under them.}

Down there; down there!

Rick Taylor: Jennifer!

Terror Mask: You lost her.

Rick Taylor: Where do we go now?

{Jennifer's screaming can be heard.}

Terror Mask: Down there; down there!

{Break the broken floorboards that have a strange green glow under them and jump down the hole. Rick enters a dungeon room with several Student Forgotten and Homini. The camera zooms in on a lock.}

Rick Taylor: What should I do?

Terror Mask: Looking for the key? It's blood, Rick; it's always blood. Kill these guys and release more.

{The game resumes. Kill the spawning enemies until all the circles on the lock are glowing. Then, the lock will open, revealing an eyeball. Rick gouges out the eyeball.}

Rick Taylor: Ahh...disgusting...What I'd give for some hand sanitizer!

{The lock allows a stairway to be opened. Go down the stairway.}

Rick Taylor: Who the hell built all this shit?

Terror Mask: Don't try and make sense of it; Ricky.

Part Three: "They're better off dead, Rick."[]

{A large door opens to reveal a room with several Student Forgotten locked in cages, and a 2x4 laying on the floor. The camera zooms in on two Student Forgotten.}


Rick Taylor: Oh god- Mark...Dan. I know these people, we took stats together last semester.

{The cages open and the Student Forgotten are let out.}

Terror Mask: They're better off dead, Rick. West's experiments already broke their minds. You're just crushing the shell.

{Kill the Student Forgotten, and and another large door opens, leading to a stairway. Go down it.}

Terror Mask: This is it! We're on the home stretch!

{The door opens. Rick catches a glimpse of Dr. West dragging Jennifer away through a door. Both door closes.}

Rick Taylor: Oh, fuck!

{Several Ghasts, Student Forgotten and Homini fill the room. Kill them off. A cutscene starts. The door that Dr. West and Jenny went through opens, and a Teratoid comes out. The door closes behind it.}

Terror Mask: This bitch has been stirring up trouble since we started. This ain't gonna be easy, Ricky-boy.

Splatterkill 005.jpg

{The game resumes. Weaken the Teratoid until you can preform a Splatterkill on it. Rick grabs the Teratoid by it's tentacle, strangles the monster with it, and then kicks the head off. Once the Teratoid is dead, the same door that it come through opens. Go through it. A cutscene is triggered. Rick starts down the staircase, and hears Jenny scream.}

Rick Taylor: No! Jenny!

{The scene changes to show Dr. West grabbing Jenny.}


Jennifer Willis: No!!

{Dr. West licks Jenny's cheek, while she's trying to grab a weapon on the desk. She grabs a strange looking ritual dagger, and stabs Dr. West in the head with it. Dr. West lets go of Jenny, who then pushes him away. Dr. West mutters to himself confusingly and pulls out the dagger, with no visible damge shown. Dr. West begins to laugh evilly, while Jenny screams.}

{End of Phase One. Continue to Phase Two: The Doll That Bled.}


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thumb|left|300px|Part 2

Jenny's Picture Locations[]

File:Kodiak jennifer pose g.png

"I swear to God, if you put this on the internet, and your ass is grass, buster."

  • Near the statue that slid into a wall and broke. When Rick picks up this picture, a cutscene is started.
  • In on of the two rooms of Dr. West's laboratory.
  • Near the glowing floorboards after leaving Dr. West's lab.
  • In one of the cells of Rick's former classmates.