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The second phase in Splatterhouse (2010).


"Rick, transformed, pursues Jen and West through the dark house. A portrait of West's wife reminds Rick of his love; twins, seperated by time and death. Some furniture is broken, a spirit is laid to rest, and a portal carries Jen into forever after."


(Any lines n { } are actions done by characters) {The screen shows the current status of the eclipse.}

Terror Mask: Phase Two: The Doll that Bled.

Part One: "Welcome to Dr. West's Handjob Dungeon"[]

{The game starts back up. It begins where we last left Rick Taylor in Phase 1, starting down a staircase. Rick walks down a couple of steps until a Student Forgotten jumps out and attacks Rick. Rick kills the enemy. A large metal door is blocking Rick's path. Rick kicks it open and moves to the next area. In the next area, there's two large metal doors. On either side of the room, there's a device with two large tubes with Student Forgotten inside them, and a valve connected to the tubes. Also, there's two Blood Ciphers on one of the wall, with a hidden stairway built into the floor. One of them has an eye design, the other has a tentacle.}

Terror Mask: Blood Ciphers- ancient symbols of power, illuminated by blood.

{Rick walks over to one of the glass tube devices.}

Terror Mask: Another former classmate? Goddamn, it's a regular highschool reunion.

{Rick turns the valve on the device. The Student Forgotten are forced upwards into a large meat ginder, and a large amount of blood covers the glass. The ground up remains of the two Student Forgotten are poured into a feeding trough, while a bell is rung. One of the large doors open, and several Student

And I suppose this is the glee club.

Forgotten walk into the room and starts attacking Rick.}

Terror Mask: And I suppose this is the glee club.

{Rick kills the Student Forgotten that have just entered the room. The two Blood Ciphers will open. The player is left to choose which one of them to pick. Using the Mask Eye can help decide.}

Terror Mask: There's something here; something hidden. I can feel it.

{Once the player choses, Rick gouges out the eye of one of the Blood Ciphers.}

Terror Mask: Wrong one! For a college-boy you are pretty stupid. (Said only if the player chooses the wrong Blood Cipher.)

{If the player choose the wrong Blood Cipher, the player has to use the second glass tube device to let out a second wave of Student Forgotten. Kill the second wave, and the Blood Ciphers will open up again.}

Terror Mask: Look around, there should be more. Check the wall, the floor!

{Rick gouges out the eye to the second Blood Cipher. This time it's the correct one.}

Terror Mask: You catch on pretty quick there, smart-guy. (Some times the Terror Mask will say "You know, you're just too smart for your own good.")

{The Blood Cipher opens up the hidden staircase, which Rick starts going down.}

Terror Mask: We're decending into hell...Oooh! I scared myself.

{Rick enters the lower catacombs of the West Mansion. The area starts out as a side-scrolling area. On the


floor is a dead Ghast with a Cleaver stuck in it. A cut scene starts up. Rick is tugs on the Cleaver, trying to get it out. He manages to pull it out when using both hands. With the Cleaver in his hands, Rick looks around cautiously. The game starts back up. Rick walks through the dungeon until he comes across several Homini. Kill them and move forward. Rick enters an area with a larger room in the background, and more Homini enter the area from this room. Rick kills them all and keep moving foward. Rick comes arcoss a barricade made from several planks of wood and some crates. Clear the barricade by ramming into it. Behind the barricade, there's a floor-spike trap. Wait for the spikes to go down and proceed. Rick will come across two more floor-spikes, one


small and the other quite large. Rick manages to get past them, and keep going. Behind the larger set of floor-spikes is a dangling cage with the corpse of a fat dead person inside, hanging from the ceiling. He rolls under the cage and avoids the floorspikes behind it. Rick goes up a stairway with another barricade at the top. He sash it and goes into the next area. The next room has several swinging spike balls and gaps under them. Wait for the spike balls to move out of the way, and jump the gaps. Rick then rolls under another cage, this one empty, and head down a stairway with four Homini going up it. Kill them and keep going. At the bottem of the staircase are gaps with a strange red-orange glow and steam coming from them. Rick jumps across them, and go up a stairway with four Homini going down it. He keeps going until coming across more floor spikes. Wait for the spikes to go down and move Rick across them. Rick will come across several caged windows with arms reaching out them.}

Terror Mask: Welcome to Dr. West's handjob dungeon.

{Rick continues through the area, avoid the floor spikes and break through another barricade. Then jump down the gap. The game returns to 3-D mode. Rick walks down a dark hallway, and goes around a corner. He then

Splatterhouse 00b.jpg

enters a room with two large gates and a wooden door that's locked. Near the wooden door are two golden skulls on some kind of track. Open the two gates, and kill the Ghasts behind them. As more Ghasts are killed, the skulls will go down the track. Keep killing the Ghasts until spikes comes out of the skulls' mouthes. Rick grabs two Ghasts and impale them onto the spikes. This will open the wooden door. Rick goes through the tunnel (a Cleaver can be found in it) until he reaches another chamber. The camera flashes to show the impalement


points, and a Teratoid with two Ghasts near it. The Terratoid raises its claw, causing a red glow from the ground and the Ghasts getting purple outlines with purple lightning over their heads.The game then tells the player about the Teratoid's Enrage Abiliity.}

Terror Mask: Uh oh, he's getting these chumps worked up! Take him down before he makes them all better.

{Rick then kills the Ghasts and the Teratoid. Then he opens a large metal gate. Behind the gate are more Ghasts and a 2x4. Rick fights the Ghasts until both impalement points are read, and sticks Ghasts on them. This opens another door, leading to another tunnel. A Student Forgotten is hiding around a corner, and grabs Rick. Rick forces the enemy to let him go and kills it. Rick then follows the rest of the tunnel, and enters yet another chamber. Like the others, there's a large wooden door with impalement spikes near it and a gate that needs to be opened. The camera goes through the gate to show a large switch with a Metal Pipe. Rick opens the gate and runs to the stwitch, only to get ambushed by Student Forgotten. Rick kills them and flips the switch. The spikes on the door activate, and several Ghasts jump down from holes in the ceiling. Rick fights them off until the door opens.}

Part Two: "That woman again..."[]

{Rick then goes up a stairway with a broken spikeball near it and exits through a secret passae hidden inside of a Iron Maiden. Rick finds himself in a dark hallway in the West Mansion, and notices a painting on the wall. A cutscene starts when he gets close enough to it. Rick walks towards the painting, and sees Leonora West.}

Rick Taylor: That woman again...

Terror Mask: West's wife, his dead wife.... Looks just like your girl, don't she?

Rick Taylor: Wait, Wait, Wait, how do you-?

Terror Mask: I'm inside your head, remember?

{The camera shifts to show other bloodied paintings on the wall}

Terror Mask: I know what your favorite movie is. I know what your favorite cereal is. I know that when you're a lone with that pretty girl, you love to just-

{Rick moves a little closer to the painting of Leonora.}

Rick Taylor: Hey cut it out!

Terror Mask: Hehehehehehe! Then find more things for us to kill. Blood and caranage always makes me feel more cooperative.

{Rick continues through the bloodstained hallway, passing several more paintings of Leonora and other members of the West family. Before coming up to the next door, another Cleaver can be found. Rick kicks open the door, to see a crying Jennifer in a darkened room. He runs over to her}

Rick Taylor: Jennifer!

{The camera then zooms in on Jennifer.}

Jennifer Willis: .....please.

{The camera fades to black, while Jennifer briefly screams. The scene then changes to a zoom in on a Homini in a carnage fill room. The camera zooms out to show the rest of the room. Organic growth is on the walls and there's enough blood reaching up to Rick's ankles, and Rick is surrounded by enemies.}

Rick Taylor: No fucking way!

Terror Mask: Well I think I just found my new interior designer.

{The game resumes. Rick starts to fight off the enemies, while Jennifer calls out to him.}

Jennifer Willis: Help me, Rick!

Rick Taylor: What's going on!?

Jennifer Willis: Stop him, Rick.

Rick Taylor: Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!

Jennifer Willis: Oh God! Fuck me purple.

{Once the enemies are killed, the lights go out. When the go back on, the room is completely empty of any organic growth or blood. A door opens, leading to another dark hallway.}

Jennifer Willis: Save me, Rick.

Rick Taylor: Jenny, I'm coming.

{Rick starts walking through the hallway. The Terror Mask starts taunting Rick by imitating Jenny.}

Terror Mask: "Rick! Save me!" Oh, did you hear that Rick? I believe Jen is n fucking trouble; let's go!

Rick Taylor: Fuck! Would you just shut the fuck up!?

Terror Mask: Hehehehehe!

{When Rick reaches the end of the hallway, he finds a door. Rick kicks open the door to reveal a large bedroom. On the bed are corspes that several Hominis are eating from. Rick enters the room, and fights a large horde of Hominis. Rick then starts going through a secret passage Dr. West had left open. The camera then zooms in on the first Demon Homini encountered in the game. Rick kills it and keeps going. At the end of the passage is a pitch black area filled with crates containing Boreworms and an opening to another hallway. Rick goes through the later, and presses a large button on the ground. This opens another passage, along with several crushers. While dodging the crushes, Rick goes through the passage to reach a corner with a large group of Student Forgotten guarding a stairway. He kills them, goes up the stairway and enters a large room. There are three doors in this room. One holds several Homini, another is a bedroom with a Demon Homini guarding one of Jenny's pictures, and the last one leads to another hallway. Rick goes through this hallway, fights of the enemies in it and reaches an upside down door. Going through this door puts Rick in an upside down room where the ceiling is the floor and the floor is the celing. Several enemies start dropping from the "celing", and Rick fights them off. The Terror Msk starts taunting Rick again when a door opens up. Rick then goes through the door down through another dark hallway.}

Terror Mask: "No Dr. West. No!" You hear that? That's Jen screaming for help. Get moving lover boy!

Rick Taylor: Seriously. Stop.

Terror Mask: "What are you doing? Ooh, Dr. West! It's so biiiiig!'"

Rick Taylor: Do you EVER stop talking!?

Terror Mask: *cackling laughter* heh,what?

{Rick continues through the hallway. The camera zooms in to show three Demon Homini getting crushed by a moving bookchase. The game then resumes.

Part Three: "Okay, now look what you did..."[]

{Rick continues through the hallway while dodging other moving furniture. At the end of the hallway, a door opens by itself. Rick goes through the door to find himself in a long hallway which leads to a mostly empty den. In the den is a fire place, furniture and an old porcelain doll. A cutscene starts when Rick enters the den. An first person shot from Rick shows him looking around the den, and starts staring at the doll.}

Terror Mask: Hold it right there, Rick-o.

{A third person shot shows Rick standing just a few feet away from the doll.}

Rick Taylor: What, it's just a...

{The camera zooms in on the porcelain doll, which turns it's head toward Rick.}

Porcelain Doll: Mama?

{The camera then zooms-in on Rick's face, and surprise is shown in his eyes.}

Terror Mask: "Doll?" Is that what you were going to say?

{The scene then shifts to show the doll floating in air, with wind swirling around it. Furniture is lifted up by the wind, and swirls near Rick. Rick then stares at the doll again. The camera then zooms in on Rick again.}

Terror Mask: Okay, you raggedy little fucker....let's see what you're made of.

{The camera zooms in on the doll. Tentacles burst from it's chest and attach to pieces of furniture. The scene then shifts to show a massive ballroom with a large Golem made from pieces of furniture, parts of the walls, the top of a clock tower for on hand and a gas tank for the other.}

Terror Mask: Okay, now look what you did. Me and your big mouth...

{The cutscene ends, and the boss fight with the Golem starts up. The song Hollow Ground by the Haunted starts up. The wind swirls again, lefting up furniture. The furniture then starts to fly at Rick.}

Rick Taylor: Oh my God....

{When the Golem runs out of furniture, it will attack Rick directly. It will try to crush him with the gas tank, stab him with the clock tower or step on him. Rick then has to damage the Golem until it's health bar is empty. The Golem will then smash the ground with it's clock hand.}

Terror Mask: That fucker's too heavy for this floor!

{A cutscene starts up. The ballroom floor cracks up and then collapses. Both Rick and the Golem start to fall. Rick tries to grab something, but the Golem tries to crush Rick the gas tank hand. Rick jumps, grabs the gas tank, slides down the arm, dodges the clock hand, runs up that arm and slides down the debris. The Golem then lands on it's back.}

Terror Mask: The doll's the key!

{Rick angerly grunts, runs up the Golem's legs, acrobaticly dodges the clock hand and lands in the Golem's chest.}

Terror Mask: The doll's buried in there somewhere...Destroy it!

{Rick then grabs a piece of the Golem's armor. A quick-time event starts where the player has to rapidly press a certain button. Winning the QTE will cause Rick to rip off the armor and smashes it into the Golem. This reveals a fleshy chest with a pair of mandables. Another cutscene starts. Rick then jumps on the Golem's gas tank arm. The added weight causes the floor to break. While falling, Rick holds onto the arm and then jumps to the clock arm. When the Golem lands through a hole, Rick jumps off the arm. The game resumes. The Golem is stuck in a hole and can't move it's legs. By now, Must Kill by Calvarea Conspiracy should start playing.}

Terror Mask: Here we go again! Heads up!

Rick Taylor: The floor's starting to give away!

{The Golem then tries to kill Rick by crushing it with it's arms. Rick, by attacking the Golem when it's clock arm gets stuck, weakens the Golem some more. The Golem then smashes the floor, causing cracks in it.}

Rick Taylor: The floor's already weakened.

{The fight continues like earlier. The Golem attacks Rick with it's arms, and Rick attacks when the clock hand gets stuck in the ground. When the the health bar is empty, a cutscene starts. Rick jumps onto the clock hand, dodges an attack from th gas tank hand, and lands on the chest. He then slips a little before grabbing onto the mandables. Rick then starts pulling on the mandables.}

Terror Mask: Yeah! Yeah! Rip the chest open!

{Anothet QTE starts. When the player wins, Rick breaks the bones in the mandables. He then jumps onto the ground, and rips off the mandables. The Golem smashes the ground, making Rick fall into a lower area.}

Terror Mask: Bottom floor!

{The Golem then telekinetically lifts up furniture and throws it at Rick again. When it runs out of furniture, the Golem attacks Rick directly. Once again, it will try to stab Rick with the clock hand, hit him with the gas tank hand or crush him under it's feet. When the Golem's health bar is emptied, a QTE starts. The Golem dramatically lifts it's foot in an attempt to crush Rick.}

Rick Taylor: Holy shit!

{The player has to press the Berserker Mode button to prevent Rick from being crushed. Red and black energy flows into Rick's head, who grabs it by surprise. In a flash of red energy and blood dripping from his arms, Rick quickly transforms into his Berserker form. Rick, at the very last second, grabs the Golem's foot.}

Terror Mask; Bring it down!

{Another QTE starts. With the player winning a button mash, Rick gets a better grip on the Golem's foot and throws it onto the floor. The Golem tries to get up as Rick runs over to it and grabs the gas tank arm. Another button mash QTE starts. With the player winnig it, Rick uses the gas tank hand to punch the Golem three times in the chest. Rick then runs up the Golem's leg and jumps on it's chest. Rick tries to tear open the Golem's chest using his bare hands, when the Golem starts spinning it's clock hand like a drill in a final attempt to kill Rick. The last QTE of the fight starts up. To win, the player has to push the controller's analog sticks forward. Rick then pushes the clock hand away, jumps in the air, breaks off the tower's largest spike and stabs the Golem in the chest. Rick then uses the spike to tear open the chest, revealing the porcelain doll inside. A cutscene starts. Rick (in his normal form) tears off the doll's head and throws it onto the ground. The doll's head looks around the area in a panic.}

Porcelain Doll: Mama? Mama? Ma-

{Rick jumps off the Golem's chest and lands on the doll's head, crushing it with a small gush of blood. The camera then pans up toward Rick.}

Terror Mask: I ain't your mama asshole!

{In the middle of bloodied organic growth, a doorway with bright white light opens. Rick then turns to face it. The camera zooms in on the doorway.}

Terror Mask: You still don't trust me, do you Rick?

Rick Taylor: You already know the answer.

Terror Mask: Well that's too bad; trusting me is the only chance you got.

{The scene fades to black. The scene the changes to Rick walking into a large cavern with four totem poles in the center. The camera then shows Dr. West dragging Jennifer into the center of the totems.}

Rick Taylor: Jen!

{When Jen turn around when she hear a voice Dr west has her hostage with a slicker by her neck}

Rick Tayor: Jenny! It's me!

Jennifer Willis: Rick..?

Dr West; You! as he was thinking Is it Possible..? I saw it all now a Moebius Strip, without beginning or end. as he was thinking some more Perhaps...as his answer is No... too late too lat.Her soul must make room for another. Take my advice, boy. Enjoy what little extra life that thing has given you and don't try to fellow us. and they both go into the portal

Jennifer Willis; Rick, help me!

Rick Tayor ; Jen! and Rick was thinking out loud West recognnized us...

Terror Mask; You got one of those faces; now go! so Rick Jump in the portal and the portal closed

Bonus open = Classic Game Unlocked - Splatterhouse

Skill Acquired = Berserker !

as Rick was spinning through the vortex Rick start it having flashback of how to game start it as Rick and Jennifer was walking to Dr West home Jennifer take pictures with her camera

Rick Tayor; Hey-! As Jennifer has her pictures collected

Jennifer Willis; Maybe one day I'll get one where you look like you're having fun.

Jennifer and Rick start entering the door of the house and looking around the place

Jennifer Willis; Dr. West? Hello? Anyone here? as she looking around

Rick Tayor ; We have fun. I got us tickets for that concert at the Arkham Bowl tomorrow, didn't i?

Jennifer Willis; You betcha, Shadow over Arkham: Rock Through the Solar Eclipse: as jennifer come over to hug rick

Jennifer Willis; Tell me you got Back stage Passes too. And i'll marry you right now. and more flash back are yet to come

{ End of Phase Two. Continue to Phase Three; In the Shadow of the Abyss.}



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Jenny's Picture Locations[]

File:Kodiak jennifer pose x.png
  • One of the Student Forgotten holding pens, before the side-scrolling bit.