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One of the boss monsters in Splatterhouse. Basically, it's an invisble spirit (or spirits) that possess objects to attack Rick Taylor with.

Splatterhouse (1988)[]


The Poltergeist Boss first appears in the original Splatterhouse, at the end of the second Stage. It has no real physical form, as it just throws different items in the room at Rick, trying to kill him. The items are chairs, knives, and even the eyeball painting. All of these items can be deflected with properly aimed punches or kicks. Once you knock-out the last item, after a brief pause, the chandelier comes down from the ceiling to make one last kill attempt. 

Splatterhouse 2 (1992)[]

Balloon Head, the boss of Stage 3, bears marked resemblances to the Poltergeist, attacking Rick telekinetically with several hanging fetuses, a chainsaw, and a pair of hedgeclippers.

Splatterhouse (2010)[]

The doll that's possessed by the Poltergeist.

Some time after Dr. West managed to resurrect Leonora (who began turning into a monster), she managed to escape the West Mansion. After searching all through the night, West found his wife at dawn. There, he found her clothes stained with blood and holding a damaged porcelain doll once owned by a child. It's believed that the doll was possessed by this child afterwards.

At the end of Phase 2, Rick finds the old porcelain doll in an empty room. The doll is just a shell for the aggressive entity which Rick irritates, and tentacles burst from it attaching to random furniture, a gas tank and a clock tower to itself to form an enormous body. It telekinetically throws furniture at Rick, as well as stomping him with its arms and legs if he gets too close. Rick tears apart the Golem body, rips off the doll's head and stomps on it while its eyeballs fall in front of the screen. After that, it's the spirit is finally put to rest.


  • There is an internet meme among Splatterhouse fans that reference the Poltergeist boss. Essentially, "Rick is so badass that he can punch a knife and win."
  • Despite being at a higher level, the Poltergeist boss is easier than the fight with the Boreworms.