Sometimes characters say things that are important, or stand out from most dialogue. Here's some quotes from the characters of Splatterhouse.

Terror MaskEdit

"He took your girl, Rick. He took your dreams. And he took your life. Doctor Henry West, MD...he took it all. Only thing you got left is your soul...and that belongs to me. Who am I? Let's just say I'm God; your God...least, the only God that's listening right now. What do I want? Ah, same as any other God; a little faith...for without faith I am nothing...and without me you're fucked. She doesn't have to die. I can help you; I can heal your wounds. We can save her, if you show me some faith...if you trust me, if you put me on..."

"Ohhh man, it's so good to final-ly be FREE!! C'mon, let's go kill something; it's been too long and I'm WAY OUT OF PRACTICE!"

"*sigh* Ya never forget your first kill."

"Ooops! Too much for ya, Rick-o? Shit, you humans are so fragile. You're still weak; we'll have to...take it slower, build your strength."

"Jes-us Rick; get it together. I asked you to trust me; first sign of blood you're crying like a schoolgirl. For a dick, you are such a pussy."

"Wait, wait, wait! I know this guy! Yeah,we are screwed."-After Rick and the Terror Mask come face to face with the Biggy Man.

"Getting closer. I can smell West. No mistaking that tang of insanity. Ooh, and that pretty girl of yours, I can smell her too. Ooooww, she smells good. Terror, confusion, panic. I like her."

"No, I know you; I know what you really are. I can see the real you..." -Terror Mask

  • "So, what is it you think I 'really am'?" -Rick Taylor
  • "Ooh, you're a killer..." -Terror Mask
  • "No; I'm doing this for Jen!" -Rick Taylor
  • "Oh, come on; it's not just what you do, it's who you are. You've always been a killer - In another life, in another game. You've always known it, felt that urge; you just tried to bury it. You've been wearing a mask your whole life. It's time to embrace it; this is who you really are..." -Terror mask
  • "You're wrong." -Rick Taylor
  • "Am I?" -Terror Mask

"Getting kinda good at this now, Rick-O. The sound of bodies bursting, the feel of flesh tearing in your hands. Admit it; the power, the strength - You like it, don't ya?" -Terror Mask

  • "Yeah- no! You're confusing me - I can't think." -Rick Taylor
  • "You don't need to think Rick; that's what you got me for buddy." -Terror Mask

"Fuckin' noob" - When the player is killed occasionly.

"Hey! Your nutsack's not fused to your chin, right? I'd consider that a successful trip."

"He's gonna feel that in the morning... if he has a morning." (May come out as "He's gonna fell that in the morning. Or now.")

"Give up? Yeah? Do ya?"

"Awwwww! Naaaasty!"


"Pour it on!!"

"I want blood!"

"I need more blood!"

"Fuck that thing!!"

"You see that? That's the kind of shit that got us an M rating!!"

"I could say I wasn't enjoying this but I'd be LYING!!" (May come out as "I could say I wasn't enjoying this, but it would be a lie.")

"Look, I'm getting head!! HAHAHAHA!!"

"Now we squeeeeeze the jelly out!!"

"Atta boy Rick-o!!"

"So much suffering. Its beautiful. Kill it!!"

"More, I want more!"



"Fucking yummy man!!"

"Kill it!"

"Let me put it like this: You are fucked!" (May come out as, "I'm just gettin' warmed up!")

"Punch it in the ass!"

"Stop being such a pussy!"

"Ive seen sphincters before, and there's another one...."

"Does it matter what it is? Just kill it!"

"Paint the walls red!"

"C'mon, Chop -Chop-Chop!"

"What an asshole!"

"His insides, should be on the outside!"

"Hey, wanna see what your spine looks like?"

"Well look who's back... Show him why we call it 'Splatterhouse'."

"Wrong one! For a college-boy, you are pretty stupid."

"We're descending into Hell...Oooh! I scared myself!"

"Welcome to Dr. West's Handjob Dungeon."

"Rick! Save me! Did you hear that, Rick? I believe Jen is in fuckin' trouble, let's go!" -Terror Mask

  • "Fuck! Will you just shut the fuck up?!" - Rick Taylor
  • "Hehehehe." -Terror Mask

"No, Dr. West, no! You hear that? That's Jen screaming for help. Get moving, lover-boy!" -Terror Mask

  • "Seriously. Stop." -Rick Taylor
  • "What are you doing? Ooh, Dr. West! It's so big!" -Terror Mask
  • "Do you EVER stop talking?" -Rick Taylor
  • "Hehehehe!" -Terror Mask

"Okay, you raggedy little fucker...Let's see what you're made of."

"You just have one of those faces..Now Go."

"'Okay, now look what you did...Me and your big mouth..." -Terror Mask, upon seeing the Poltergeist Doll form into a giant monster.

"I ain't your mama, asshole."

"Everything's just Dandy."

"Never met a clown I didn't want to beat the living fuck out of."

"We all have secrets, Rick; we're all wearing masks - even Jennifer. Just remember; beneath the make-up, below the porcelain-smooth skin...Behind those eyes so deep you could drown...there's a hollow, bleached white skull - and it's laughing at you. Now let's go save that little girl of yours."

"I can taste your pain. It's bittersweet. (spitting noise) I hate bittersweet!"



"Any last words? TOO LATE!"

"Oh; DINNER!!"

"Don't pretend you don't like it, Ricky!"

"Having fun? I know I am."

"See, that's the kind of shit that got us an M-rating."

"Kinda feels like everything we meet wants to eat us, huh? Good times, man."

"Ricky, stay fuckin' focused!"

"Watch the FUCK out!!!!"

"I have a feeling the shit is about to hit the fan."

"Now's your chance baby, now's your chance."

"Just do what it feels right; kill something."

"See? If a square Joe like you can do something bad once... ...then don't it follow that something like me can be capable of doing something good? Duality, see? That's what I'm talking about."

"That thing sounds kinda pissed, huh? I can't wait to meet it!"

"Now why is there a big fucking eye down here? Ah, who the hell cares? I just want to see what's behind it...So...I dunno...kill it."

"This is what mankind's always dreamed of Rick-o; the end of the world! Congratulations. Is it everything you were hoping for?"


"Watch your back, Rick!"

"Tell me; how many guys can you beat off at the same time?"

"Ha! These guys kinda break easy don't they?"

"Hahahaaha...You know you like it Rick-o!"

"Scream all you won't help."

"He's going to feel that in the morning...if he has a morning..."

"He's going to feel that in the morning...or now..."

"Um...No need to yell, Rick-O; I'm right here inside your head, wrapped around your cerebellum. You think it, I hear it. Same in reverse; you hear me, but no one else does. Shhhh... It's our little secret."

"Don't worry Rick, the pain will go away soon. Just go toward the light, you fucking PUSSY!!"

"The killing floor is open!!!"

"I've always wanted to do this..."

"Oh yeah; a TWIST TOP."

"Punch him in the ass!"

"C'mon, chop-chop-chop!"

"Stand and be liquified!"

"You need more power; you need more me!"

"So what exactly ARE the Corrupted, anyway?" -Rick Taylor

  • "They are everything and nothing, the many-angled ones; unknowable, timeless, eternal. They inhabit the Abyss; the gulf between what's said and what's understood...the place from whence stems all human suffering. Mankind can only trace their jagged silhouette around the shadow they cast across the World. They are famine, conflict, genocide; they are now and forever, amen...And they are coming your way." -Terror Mask

"Tear down the pillars Samson!"

"Welcome to the house that West built! He's been channeling the power of the dead through these halls for almost a century. The Corrupted's influence is seeping through the cracks in the walls...the house is dreaming of being alive." -Terror Mask

"You still haven't answered my question." -Rick Taylor

  • "What? What am I? Real question is - what are you - the good guy? If you're the good guy then stop me, before I kill again...but you ain't, are ya? No, I'm just an expression of your heart's desire." -Terror Mask
  • "Bullshit-" -Rick Taylor
  • "Oooooh...Oooh! C'mon, let yourself go!" -Terror Mask

"Still wondering what I am, Rick? I'm just a mask, waiting for the right actor to bring it to life."

"Now that is a big gun...Don't just stand there holding it!" -Terror Mask upon finding the first shotgun

"You know, Genocide is such an emotive term...but in this case, I feel it's appropriate. What say you?"

"Any floor will do; fuck it."

"This girl of yours..." -Terror Mask

  • "Jen." -Rick Taylor
  • "...Whatever. You once told her you'd love her until the end of the World. It's time to prove it Rick; the end of the World is coming." -Terror Mask

"Nice action; after watching you work that...I'm assuming you've spent a lot of lonely nights on the Internet."

"Your life's over, Rick - Time to wake up." -Terror Mask upon receiving a game-over

"How long has West been alive?" - Rick Taylor

  • "Long enough to know that everything else he's tried won't bring his dead wife back." -Terror Mask
  • "And he's crazy enough to think that the Corrupted will do it if he helps them?" - Rick Taylor
  • "Have to be crazy in the first place, to make any deal with the Corrupted. This house is a temple built in their name. Artifacts from dead religions, the occult...the good doctor spent a lifetime collecting that crap...all to make contact with the Corrupted." - Terror Mask

"!!!!!!" -Terror Mask upon pulling out the first giant eye

"Wrong wrong wrong wrong fuckin' wrong!"

"Lifes a bitch...And I hate bitches."

"You sorry sack of shit!"

"Can you hurry up and hit continue?"

"Let me guess - you're fuckin' dead."

"I thought you had something Rick; I really did. Guess I was wrong."

"POP goes the weasel."

"Hey Chuckles, let's do this!"

"Oh Ricky, Ricky, Ricky; you let me down."

"What's the hold-up, college boy?" -Terror Mask when the player stands still for a while

"Come on Rick, don't forget about Jen." -When player stands still for a while

"You need to hurry up if you want to save your girl!" -When player stands still for a while

"Let's gooo." -When player stands still for a while

"Tick-tock, huh?" -When player stands still for a while

"So, who are you listening to at the moment?" -Terror Mask

  • "Oh, ummm...Let me think...Lamb of God...Mutant Supremacy, Cavalera Conspiracy...High on Fire...The Accused, The Haunted, ASG, Goatwhore." -Rick Taylor
  • "Oh, goat whore? Fuck me, I love goat whore - oh wait, nevermind...- You mean the band - oh sorry, I thought you meant...nevermind." -Terror Mask when the player stands still for a while (this one is rare to hear)

"What's the matter Rick; scared?" -When player stands still for a while

"You know, you should really thank me Rick; some people live their whole lives and only die once."

"It's just a game, Rick; it's all just a game."

"Lie down, Rick; you're dead."

"Now we're cookin'!"

"If the good lord Jesus is still planning on coming back, he's got about 20 minutes."


"You really get off on this, don't you? The only thing you seem to enjoy is causing pain." -Rick Taylor

  • "I ain't gonna pretend that I'm all sweetness and light, but who is? Look at this place. Innocent fun on the outside, but take a look underneath, and what's there? Nastiness, evil..." -Terror Mask
  • "Corruption." -Rick Taylor
  • "Exactly. There's good and bad in everyone, Rick-o; even you." -Terror Mask

"My God..." -Rick Taylor

  • "Oh c'mon! You've eaten plenty of buckets of chicken wings in your time, and you didn't get all touchy-feely about the chickens, did ya? It's just a different flavor of meat." -Terror Mask
  • "Happy thoughts." -Rick Taylor

"Thirteen months ago, they were men - human men. This is why they're called the Corrupted."

"Soooo, soooo sweet..."

"There's nowhere to go! How are we going to get out of here?" -Rick Taylor

  • "You give up? You want me to tell you?" -Terror Mask

"I do enjoy these quiet moments of ours, Rick..."

"Keep the Hell away from those blades!"

"How the Hell does this poor asshole take a piss?" -Terror Mask upon defeating the Biggy Man the first time

"Where'd he go?" -Terror Mask upon Biggy Man vanishing

Rick TaylorEdit

"Ahh...disgusting...What I'd give for some hand sanitizer."

"Oh God-Mark...Dan...I knew these people; we took stats together last semester."

"Oh hell yes! Did you see that shit?!?!? What?! No comment? I just caught a FUCKING METEOR!" - Rick Taylor

  • "Yeah, sure. Whatever." - Terror Mask

"Smelly ass piece of shit!"

"I don't think these guys are friendly." - Rick Taylor.

  • "Neither am I, kid. Neither am I...." - Terror Mask

"Wait wait wait- the Aztec mask; is that what you are? I've got an Aztec demon inside my head?" - Rick Taylor

  • "Aztecs. Heh...Thought they were Mayans. I'm so embarrassed. Fuck 'em; they all taste the same." - Terror Mask

"What have you done to me? What am I? What am I!?"-Rick Taylor

  • "You're MINE, Rick!"-Terror Mask.
  • "Jen..."-Rick Taylor
  • "Until Jen's back safe in your arms, you're mine."-Terror Mask.

"You really get off on this, don't you? The only thing you seem to enjoy is causing pain." -Rick Taylor

  • "Sure, you're being all noble and heroic to save Jen...but did you ever tell her about that little psychology sophomore you got it on with last Halloween?" -Terror Mask
  • "I was drunk. You don't think I regret that?" -Rick Taylor
  • "See? If a square Joe like you can do something bad once...then don't it follow that something like me can be capable of doing something good? Duality, see? That's what I'm talking about." -Terror Mask

"The thing that happened with that girl..." -Rick Taylor

  • "I never said it was a girl..." -Terror Mask
  • "Wait; what?" -Rick Taylor
  • "Hey, you think I care? We're both men of the World. You, you cheated on your girlfriend. Me, I've helped exterminate whole civilizations. You think what you did matters?" -Terror mask
  • "It matters to me. I let Jen down that night. I can't let her down again. Not now. Not ever." -Rick Taylor
  • "Oh, that's great! (yawns) Now can we get back to the zombie-pounding?"- Terror Mask

"That woman again..." -Rick Taylor

  • "West's wife, his dead wife...Looks just like your girl, don't she?" -Terror Mask
  • "Wait wait wait; how do you know-" -Rick Taylor
  • "I'm inside your head, remember? I know what your favorite movie is. I know what your favorite cereal is. I know that when you're alone with that pretty girl of yours, you love to-" -Terror Mask
  • "Hey, cut it out!" -Rick Taylor
  • "Heheheheh! Then find more things for us to kill. Blood and carnage always make me feel more cooperative." -Terror Mask

"Jen? You look so sad; what is it?"- Rick Taylor

  • "Promise me one thing; Promise me you'll never change." - Jennifer Willis

"Hey! Dandy Dog!" -Rick Taylor

  • "The doll? (giggles) I've had it since I was a kid." - Jennifer Willis
  • "Nice! It's in pretty good condition; do you still have the box?"- Rick Taylor

"This is insane. I had plans; I was taking my girl to the eclipse rock festival tomorrow. I was going to ask her to marry me; I bought a ring." -Rick Taylor

  • "Ah, that's so romantic; you might want to hold onto the receipt." -Terror Mask
  • "The eclipse..." - Rick Taylor
  • "Another time, another place, another eclipse." - Terror Mask
  • "This is bad, right?" - Rick Taylor
  • "Yeah Rick, it is bad, it's really fucking bad." - Terror Mask

"'What is that sound? That sound...Like a heartbeat.' *Finds the giant heart* A living heart..." -Rick Taylor

  • "Well there's a unique conversation piece." -Terror Mask

"Yeeeeeaaaaaaaghhhh!'" -Rick Taylor, upon defeating Experiment 765

  • "Feels good, don't it?" -Terror Mask

"Fuck! I'm burning up!" -Rick, when set on fire

Jennifer WillisEdit

"Make a wish? Okay. I want us to be together until the end of the world."

"R-rated? When we get home, let's you and I put on our own private NC-17 show."

"Hey, you hear about the eclipse rock festival at the Arkham Bowl? Get two tickets for it, and you'll be my hero forever."

"You want to come with me to the West Mansion? Awww, that's so sweet. You're gonna protect me?"

"Six years? God, sometimes it feels think we've known each other forever. Like in past lives, or something...."

"I had this freaky dream last night. I was trapped someplace far away....but I knew you would come and rescuse me. Weird, huh?"

"Thank You. Goodbye."

Dr. Henry WestEdit

"What are a dozen lives, a hundred, ten thousand lives when measured against one true love? And I have been admiring your excellent work in that regard."

"That night I vowed that all men should suffer as I have suffered! But I was wrong. Pain and suffering are born of life; that much is clear to me now. So this is my gift to you; to all end to all end to all life. Yes, the Corrupted will spare mankind from any further pain...and Leonora and I shall be reunited!" - Dr. Henry West

  • "Yeah? Well...fuck you." - Rick Taylor
  • "No Rick...fuck you!" - Dr. Henry West

"Rick, Rick, Rick; what am I going to do with you? You just won't die! Look at you; look at what you've become! You revel in death - and for what!?" -Dr. Henry West

  • "For Jenny." -Rick Taylor
  • "Oh, my dear boy; you're a monster; a sideshow freak! You think she'll want you now?" -Dr. Henry West
  • "I swear if you hurt her again..." -Rick Taylor
  • "That's the spirit! On with the show! *to Jenny* You have my word; I'll be a the end." -Dr. Henry West

"I warned you not to follow us. know how impulsive young people are. But I understand, you would do anything Jennifer, just as I have done for Leonora."

"Rick, go back!" -Jennifer Willis

  • "Calm yourself Leonora." -Dr. Henry West
  • "It's Jennifer, you dick!" -Jennifer Willis
  • "Mr. Taylor. It's said that a man's true character is reflected in the fruits of his toil. I think it's time you got to know me a little better." -Dr. Henry West

"Disaster! I am a fool. Leonora has returned a ghoulish, screeching, drooling thing. She watches without seeing, through blind eyes older than time. I keep her restrained for her own benefit. In rare moments she is herself again, and begs that I set her free. It is a ruse, as I have already learned to my cost. Yet these fleeting instances give me cause for hope. We're close, my love; so close. I must go; she is hungry."

"Leonora slipped her chains once more last night. I found her at dawn on the outskirts of Arkham...her face bloodied, her beautiful ivory wedding gown stained black with gore...and this time, clutched tightly in her hands...were the shattered remains of a porcelain doll. Oh God - the children..."

"'From the journal of Dr. Henry West - Cambridge, 1866. What devilry is this? I have been sent to Cambridge on a wild-goose chase by Arkham's magistrate. I cannot shake this dread feeling deep in my heart that something is terribly amiss."

"Six o'clock; too exhausted to sleep. The sun rises, today as every other. Yet something has forever changed. I feel not its warm embrace. I cannot yet make sense of this madness. I write this account of last night only to convince myself of its irrevocable heart is dead...Leonora more."