The Shadow of the Wickerman is a survival arena and arguably the toughest arena. It is a C-shaped arena that is around the sacrificial wickerman Leonora was to be burned in. To get an S-Rank, one must clear all 20 waves in under 25 minutes and 30 seconds.


Wave 1 has eight Fish Men.

Wave 2 has a mix of Ghasts and Homini's.

Wave 3 has Morlocks and Student Forgotten.

Wave 4 has Kamikaze Ghasts and Demon Homini.

Wave 5 has Morlocks and Teratoids.

Wave 6 has two Aegis and eight Demon Fire Forgotten.

Wave 7 has Homini's, Morlocks and Ghasts.

Wave 8 has Demon Abhores.

Wave 9 has Demon Hominis and Morlocks.

Wave 10 has Aegis and Beasts.

Wave 11 has Forgotten and Demon Teratoids.

Wave 12 has Demon Ghasts, Morlocks and Demon Fire Forgotten.

Wave 13 has Homini's, Morlocks and Demon Abhore.

Wave 14 has Student Forgotten, Fish Men and Morlocks.

Wave 15 has Kamikaze Ghasts, Demon Teratoids, and Aegis.

Wave 16 has Demon Hominis and Demon Fire Forgotten.

Wave 17 has Morlocks, Kamikaze Ghasts and Homini.

Wave 18 has Aegis, Demon Abhore's and Demon Fire Forgotten.

Wave 19 has Demon Hominis, Demon Ghasts and Demon Teratoids.

Wave 20 has Aegis, Beasts, Demon Teratoids and Morlocks.