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The Shotgun is a projectile weapon in the Splatterhouse games that Rick can use.

It's a powerful weapon that can easily kill enemies, at the cost of a low amount of uses. Much like the movie stereotype, the Shotgun can instantly kill almost anything that gets shot by it. While this can be useful in crowds, the weapon is too rare to find to be reliable.

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The Shotgun can be found hidden in various levels. Each shotgun comes with 10 shells. If another shotgun is found while Rick is still holding a shotgun, the shells in the second shotgun will add to Rick's current amount until he reaches the limit of 10 shells.

Splatterhouse (1988)[]

A pump-action shotgun that is commonly used to defeat the Biggy Man. It only has 8 rounds before it runs out of ammo and becomes useless.


Splatterhouse 2[]

Same as the first game, a pump action shotgun with only 8 rounds in it.


Splatterhouse (2010)[]

Shotgun crazy.jpg

A custom made double-barreled pump-action shotgun that Rick finds in Phase Four: The Meat Factory. It's extremely powerful, and can kill most enemies with a single blast. In light attacks, one barrel is fired with a small flame effect. With heavy attacks, both barrels are fired with a large firey effect. The grab attack has Rick execute an enemy by knocking it onto the ground, and decapitating it by firing both barrels. It can be upgraded to have a rapid fire. Fire it closer to enemies to make it deal more damage, and farther for less damage.


  • The Shotgun used in Splatterhouse was probably inspired by real life double-barreled pump action shotguns, like the Remington 1740.
  • The Shotgun's execution is similar to the "Swallow this!"

    Evil Dead II - Swallow this!

    scene from Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn.
  • While the weapon is supposed to be a shotgun, the Splatterhouse (2010) strongly resembles a Howdah Pistol or a double barreled Blunderbuss.
  • The Shotgun is the most powerful weapon in the Splatterhouse series, as it can literally blast enemies into smitherines. It's also capable of dismembering a Demon Teratoid, further showing it's power.
    • Also, while Rick obviously has a large amount of muscle, the recoil of the weapon is still rather strong and takes up most of the rechamber time. This could signify that the weapon fires an absurdly high caliber shell.
  • The shotgun in the remake seems to be a homage to the infamous "Boomstick" from Army of Darkness, since both are ultra-powerful double barrel shotguns that can easily be fired single-handedly (though this is only the case in Army of Darkness as protagonist Ash has only one arm and has no other choice; Rick on the other hand just has enough upper body strength to do so, but rarely does he actually do it).
  • Rick can kill a Beast and a snake Guardian with just four shots from this weapon.
  • The shotgun in the remake is mechanically unusual. While shown to be pump-action, the weapon doesn't actually have a pump and indeed has a lever on the pistol grip. A lever-action double barrel is near impossible (not so for a double barrel pump action, as the Kel Tec KSG shows) and the weapon has no magazine or tube, meaning there would be no way to actually load any of the doubtlessly massive shells it fires.
    • It is possible that the weapon was originally going to be flipcocked for it's loading animation (ala Terminator 2 and it's infamous gunplay), but was changed to a pump-action for whatever reason (presumably to stay a bit faithful to the shotguns of the original trilogy).

This Is My Boomstick! Scene - Army of Darkness Movie (1992) - HD