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Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti was a video game made by Namco Bandai for the Nintendo Family Computer. It was never released outside of Japan until 2020, when it was released on Steam as a part of NAMCO MUSEUM ARCHIVES Vol 1. Fans have translated the original rom into English online.


Splatterhouse: Wankpaku Graffiti starts with Jennifer crying over Rick's grave during a thunderstorm. A bolt of lightning strikes the ground, and Rick (wearing a peculiar mask) rises from the grave. Jenny celebrates Rick being alive again when another bolt of lightning strikes the grave next to Rick's. From this grave rises Kabocha Daiou (or Great Pumpkin King), who kidnaps Jenny. Rick, as always, begins his journey to save her. He makes his way to Hell House, fighting off its odd assortment of minions. After Rick defeats Kabocha Daiou, he reunites with Jenny and they hug. The director of the game ruins the moment by walking on set, saying it'd make a great film. Rick takes the mask off (revealing his face for the first time in the series) and walks away, although the mask comes to life and displays its telekinetic powers. If the two crystal balls were found, they'll reveal that while Rick and Jennifer enjoy their life together, they will face tragedy when confronted with a certain mansion.

Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti was not included in Splatterhouse (2010), although as an easter egg it is identified as a backstage location in photographs.

Test Mode[]

By pressing reset botton while holding ↓, A, B on 2P controller, you can enter the test mode to see graphics and sound effects in the game.

See Test Mode.