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Splatterhouse was a Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore band from Portland, Oregon. They paid homage to the classic Namco horror game series of the same name with some song titles and artwork. Most fans of the band hope and highly encourage the members to regroup and tour again.

(Band Bio - As Told By The Band) - In March of 2002, in a small town located somewhere between Seattle,WA and Portland, OR a bizarre and unforgivable occurance took place. An act so grotesque and offensive it permanently shamed this once proud community.The local authorities were quick to cover up and erase all evidence within a matter of hours, leaving the local press nothing to go on but foul whispers from a few locals unlucky enough to have stumbled upon the aftermath. The one living witness, still in such a state of shock he may forever reside in the state hospital, has yet to utter a word. Only recently have a few details come to light. It is now believed that the perpetrators are three men, between the ages of 22-27, who live in the greater surrounding areas. It is also believed that these young men are fans and followers of the music commonly known as 'HEAVY METAL', in particular'GORE METAL' or 'GORE GRIND', a genre in which these bands adamantly advocate human sacrifice, human mutilation, cannibalism, and necrophilia. From an undisclosed source we have learned that these young men are not satisfied with this one actrocious act, and have planned a meeting where they will commit yet another act of unfathomable disgust. Only this time of a far greater, more devastating magnitude.'where are these suspects now?' you ask, no one knows, all we can do is sit and wait for another relentless slaughter of the innocent and pray that it isn't you. to be continued.................

Announced reformation in 2013 with members of Night Nurse, Mania, and Tormentium.

Last Known Line-up[]

Kurt Stinkes- Bass

Joe Axemurdererler - Drums

Jason V - Guitars, Vocals

Natanic Goremaster - Guitars

Whisky Skizz - Vocals


Splatterhouse / Gruesome Stuff Relish (2003)

  1. Splatterhouse - Maggot Sermon
  2. Splatterhouse - Awash in Gore
  3. Splatterhouse - Splatterhouse
  4. Splatterhouse - Decom-posers (Haemmorhage cover)
  5. Gruesome Stuff Relish - The Last Survivor
  6. Gruesome Stuff Relish - Curse of the Templar Knights
  7. Gruesome Stuff Relish - Don't Feel shame
  8. Gruesome Stuff Relish - Zombie Madness
  9. Gruesome Stuff Relish - Jungle of the Flesh Eating Beings

The House That Dead Built (2004)

  1. Baptizing The Dead
  2. Confessions of a Grave Robber
  3. Mutilator
  4. They Came From Within
  5. Coffin Birth
  6. Warmest Place To Hide
  7. Night Of The Creeps
  8. Somewhere In The Yard
  9. The Hillside Stranglers (DAHMER cover)

Taste Of The Sun / In The Swamps You Rot (2006)

  1. Birdflesh - Evil Coffin
  2. Birdflesh - Pretty Dork
  3. Birdflesh - Happy Hour, Crazy Hour
  4. Birdflesh - Taste of the Sun
  5. Birdflesh - Keeper of the Seventh Son
  6. Splatterhouse - In the Swamps You Rot
  7. Splatterhouse - Beast of the Bayou