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Splatterhouse (beta), also called Splatterhouse (2009), was an early version of Splatterhouse (2010) that was being developed by BottleRocket and Namco. Namco later fired BottleRocket and developed the modern Splatterhouse game by themselves. With this, several things were lost from the final game.


Splatter House 2009 Trailer PS3 XBOX 360

The major differences between the beta and the final games are the art styles, locations, attacks and enemies. For example, the Clawface was intended to be a miniboss that Rick would regularly fight. In the final game, only two dead Clawfaces were found in the Slaughterhouse. The Ghasts from the beta were green with four glowing yellow eyes. One of Rick's deleted attacks was to punch an enemy hard enough in its stomach that it would vomit all over the battleground. Another was snapping a creature's spine across his shoulder. It's also believed that the characters would have had different voice actors.