This is a collaborative walkthrough for Splatterhouse 2. Please add any missing information to any section and/or correct any errors that you find.

Level 1Edit

Level 1.1: The RuinsEdit

The Ruins is a pretty easy level, it is basically the starter level in the game. You'll come up against zombies which are pretty easy to dispose of, and they move slowly so just kick or punch them. There are a few pits to jump over as well. The only real obstacles are the giant leeches, which either drop from the ceiling or burst from zombies. They need to be low kicked or jumped over before they grab hold, and watch out for the leeches and zombies that come from the background. The lead pipe should be about half way through this stage, grab it to make easy work of the enemies.

Level 1.2: The LairEdit

This stage is where you will meet Bellyache, the first boss of the game. He's not too hard to kill, if you get in quickly, but his acid spit has a pretty good range. To take him out, get close, just as he emerges from the dark, staying beneath the arc of his acid, then punch him 6 times in the belly till he pops. Watch out, though, as he leaves a big pool of green stuff when he dies, avoid it, or lose some energy.

Level 2Edit

Level 2.1: The ElevatorEdit

You will have to be quick here. Grey Mimi's jump down from either side here, and can cause havoc, bouncing around out of range, unless you get them quickly. They only need 1 hit, but they keep on coming. That's basically the main objective of this particular stage.

Level 2.2: The BasementEdit

Here you will meet the Purple Mimi's, a little stronger than their grey friends, and some have a tendency to stay still, and reach out with their long arms. Jumping in will do you no good there, approach them slowly and low kick them, then hit them again while they bounce, 2 hits will do it. You'll also come across two types of spike traps here. The first type are stationary, sticking up from the ground, but need a good leap to get over.

A way to get the jump right is to wait till Rick's foot is just touching the spikes, then leap. The second type are more lethal, and rise from the ground, in groups of two or more. They only do damage when they're fully extended, so the way to get past them is to step forward as soon as the farthest floor spikes are extended. You'll find the bone near the end of the stage, which does double damage, and makes it easier to take out the meanies. You'll also come across two sludge monsters, in a slightly less lethal form, punch them to liquidize them, but move on quickly.

Level 2.3: The DarkEdit

BigHead lurks here, the boss for this level. He doesn't move, but releases a set of blue skulls across the screen, then spits out a blue spirit through his mouth. Dispose of the skulls, then kick him in the eyes. The skulls follow 3 patterns, different each time, first they head down from the top of the screen, and go right. Then Bighead spits. The skulls come down from the top again, then go left. Bighead spits again, then the skulls come down from the top and go to both sides. Remember this and you'll manage. 6 Hits, and he's out.

Level 3Edit

Level 3.1: Dark RiverEdit

This stage is a little more hazardous. The level is dotted with pools, which are lethal. The good news is though, that the purple mimi's that appear on this level can also be punched into these pools. The single pools aren't much trouble, but you will frequently come across two pools adjoined. These usually hold Razorfish, ready to leap out and grab you.

You can outsmart these, though, by stepping close to the edge of the pools, then leaping back, the fish will hurl themselves out, and you can pass in safety. The only problems you might have is towards the end of the stage, where you'll find 3 pools, with a Mimi in the middle. You'll need to take the Mimi out, without jumping to close, or too short, then duck to avoid a fish or kick it if it gets too close.

Level 3.2: The AbbatoirEdit

You have a choice of two weapons here. But before you can pick one up, a Blood Puppet drops from the ceiling, and brings them to life. This is tricky. The chainsaw takes 3 hits to knock out, and the shears take two. The shears are your main priority to hit, as they fly across the screen diagonally. However, they're not the weapon you want to be left with, and only one weapon can remain on the screen once knocked out, for example, if you knock out the shears, and then knock out the chainsaw, the chainsaw will disappear.

The secret is to knock out the shears, then throw them away. Then duck, and when the chainsaw drops through a hole, punch it till it falls. Pick it up, and you're ready to fight the real bad guys. Two puppets will drop from the holes on the left and right, then start to spit acid at the floor. Get in close, and lay into one of them.

Don't worry about the others spit, as it won't reach you. The puppets will go back into the ceiling, and then re-appear. Repeat till both the puppets are gone, then duck. Quickly. Another four puppets will drop through the ceiling a few times. You can hit these if you're positioned correctly, but it won't do you any good. Two more puppets will eventually appear from the far left and right holes again, so hit them.

They'll both go back into the ceiling, but this time appear from the middle holes. This is now a bit trickier. You'll have to get them both, while stepping back to avoid the others acid. Once you've got them all, Ballonhead will burst through the back wall. He doesn't do much, so take him out, and you've finished the stage.

Level 4Edit

Level 4.1: Bridge to the IslandEdit

This level is no pushover. There are a bunch of zombies to defeat, and easy task normally, but the [[Lake Beast]] is constantly snapping at your heels. The best tactic I found, was to keep jumping forward, and slide kicking to take out the zombies, keep going, and you'll make it to the island.

There is an oar here, which you can pick up if you spot it, but I never bother, because it's so slow to use, and no good in the air, because speed is something you need on this level.

Level 4.2: Nightmare WoodsEdit

This stage is okay, if you don't rush at it. There are a few Mimics, which float down, and turn into Ghouls, but these only take one hit to dispose of. There are a bunch of Wisps, though, which reverse your controls. You can hit them, and take them out, but their numbers just keep increasing. If you drop down a hole, you'll end up in the cellars beneath the house. If you can keep out of the holes, though, you'll be out of the stage in no time.

Back to the Wisps, though. The real problem, is not that they reverse left and right. You can get used to that. The problem is that they have a nasty habit of returning your controls to normal when you least expect it, usually when you're right over a hole. The method I used was not to try and take the Wisps out, but to leap at them, collecting as many as I could, making sure my controls were going to stay reversed till the end of the stage.

Level 4.3: The GatehouseEdit

Here you face the end of level guardian, BugBrain. He's pretty easy to take out at first, if you get into a pattern, but even after you think you've defeated him, he comes back as a particularly nasty spider type monster. Both take about 8 hits to defeat. He only has one attack, which mimics Rick's foot slide, he hops towards you, till he gets quite close, then leaps back, and slides along the ground, hitting if you're in his way.

It is possible to hit him at just the right moment as he slides towards you, but he still continues to slide, and unless your timing is dead on, you'll be hit. A simpler way of defeating him is to let him approach, and as he slides, jump into the air, turn mid air, and give him a flying kick in the back of the head as he slides past. Then, as he turns to slide back, jump up, and repeat this.

Don't jump too far, though, or you'll land on him. Once you have killed him, his remains rise up, and your faced with the spider-creature. This creature is a little harder to defeat, and it has a nasty habit of scuttling across the ground, jumping into the air, then running back. The simplest way I found to defeat this, was to slide kick it as it was in the corner, usually doing a few points of damage, then leaping out of the way, as it ran past. Enough hits, and it's on to the next level.

Level 5Edit

Level 5.1: Welcome to the HouseEdit

This is a pretty standard level, not much to say. There's purple screaming Mimi's, and hands which crawl along the floor, much like the leeches in stage 1.1 . Some jump a little, but you should be able to take them out with a single hit. There are some unwell Moose Heads, here, which will spit at you as you head under them, the ones with the red eyes are the ones to watch out for. You will also find the gun under one of these, press up to take it.

Level 5.2: The LibraryEdit

This level is populated only by the hands, behaving as they did in the previous stage, watch out for ones coming from both sides. Wipe these out, and on to the next stage.

Level 5.3: The Containment TubesEdit

This level is where Dr Mueller's experiments were stored evidently, he was trying to study the Mimi's. Most, however, are now dead. Most. There are a few still alive, and they're not at all happy at being cooped up.

They have a nasty tendency to leap out at you from the tubes as you approach, and to top it off, they are a new strain, pink Mimi's, and take 3 hits to kill. There are also a number of holes in the floor on this stage, one false step, and you're into the dungeons. Don't rush this one.

Level 5.4: The SewerEdit

This level can get tricky. First of all, there are pools of pink stuff to avoid, although these shouldn't pose too much problem. On top of that, however, there are the [[Sludge Monster]]s, which charge along beneath your feet, and if you avoid them, they then rise up, to spit stuff at you.

I found the best way to progress was to stand back till they have finished spitting, then jump over them. Hitting them with your fists only gives you a split second to dodge them, so it's often best to wait.

Level 5.5: The LabEdit

Throughout this level, you face the [[Zombie Scientist]], who runs on screen to hurl flasks, and then scuttle off. He throws two types of flasks at you, the first containing a Sludge Monster, which then attacks you, or a Potassium bomb, which bursts into flames.

The sludge monsters can be dealt with as they were in the sewers, or if you manage to find an unbroken Potassium bomb, you can burn them up. To add to the chaos, Potassium bombs also fall down from above, smashing near your feet, so be on your guard. You can't catch the Scientist till you reach the end of the level, where one hit will dispatch him.

Level 6Edit

Level 6.1: The PortalEdit

This stage is all that makes up level 6, and is a single screen level that pits you against the HeadSnake, who guards the portal to the realm where Jennifer is held. You don't get a chance to fight him straight away, in fact he only takes one hit to kill.

What he does do, is keep you at bay with a number of projectiles, heads and hands. The hands are pretty easy to deal with, you just need to stand at the far left of the screen, and low kick the low hands, and when a hand is thrown in a high arc, punch it normally.

The heads are a little harder to dispatch. You need to move around the screen, ducking and low kicking, as the heads come in from all sides. Once you've cleared enough, the main boss comes on, one hit and he's gone. Take a step forward, close those eyes, and enter the void.

Level 7Edit

Level 7.1: The VoidEdit

Rick may be falling, but you still have full control of him, this stage is a little harder, requiring you to be on your guard, to take out the blue skulls that fly in from the left and right. There's not much more help I can give you here, except to be on your guard. Soon, you'll hit the bottom.

Level 7.2: Crystal PrisonEdit

Jennifer is held here, inside the [[Black Crystal]]. The Crystal guards itself with a number of glowing orbs, one of which it throws at Rick. Avoid this, and head close, punching the orbs as they go past, then hit the crystal.

It disappears, sending bars of energy up from the floor, which you should stand between, then re-appears on the opposite side of the screen. Repeat the pattern till it cracks an releases Jennifer, 6 hits in all. Then run.

Level 7.3: Escape from the VoidEdit

There's no time for a long re-union, as a huge looming figure heads up from behind. Just keep running, and don't get to close, every so often, it will throw a ball of energy at you, which you need to avoid, just keep out of it's way, and it's back to the house.

Level 8Edit

Level 8.1: Going UpEdit

Back on the elevator, this time going the other way. There are two things you need to worry about here, the ghouls, which approach from the right and left, which need to be beaten back. Plus, debris is constantly falling from the ceiling.

It's almost impossible to spot before it falls, and the best way to go about avoid it, is to wait till a piece drops, then head directly under where it fell. When another piece falls, go to where it was, and so on.

If you want to be completely safe, wait till a single piece falls down the middle of the lift, then avoid the debris till another piece falls down the middle. Go to the middle, and you'll be safe from debris till the end of the level.

Level 8.2: Retreat Across the LakeEdit

As the house shakes, Rick and Jennifer leap into a convenient motorboat, and head back over the lake. They're not alone though, and the Lake Thing is hot on their heels. While Jennifer sits in the boat, Rick gets sharp pointy objects hurled at him.

You need to knock the spikes out of the air, pick them up, and jumping a little, throw them into the eye of the Lake Thing, 6 times, before it retreats, and Rick and Jennifer can make it safely to shore.

Level 8.3: The Final FightEdit

It's not so much a stage, as a fight with a boss. It appears in two forms. First, as a mass of gore, which comes from the left and right, firing heads at you. Punch it when you get close, and it will retreat to the top of the screen, firing heads down diagonally, then rushing left and right, hit it 4 times as it heads from left to right, and it bursts open, revealing a bathead.

Stand in the middle of the screen, and make sure you get this guy, or he comes back as the gore monster, hit him when he flies in front of you, and flip round when he heads behind, and hit him. You need to have fast reactions on this one. When he's done it's game over, for now. Sit back, and watch the end sequence. You deserve it.

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