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Released in 1993, it is the third and final game of the orginal Splatterhouse trilogy. It also bears a resemblence in gameplay to Double Dragon and Final Fight.



The game takes place about five years after the events of Splatterhouse 2. Rick and Jennifer have since married and had a son named David. Rick has been able to put the memories of the Terror Mask behind him, becoming successful on Wall Street. He has also bought a mansion in a Connecticut town (according to the English instruction manual). Meanwhile, due to the "forbidden seal" that was broken during the events of the previous game, a devilish cult of creatures emerge that have been secretly seeking the revival of a dark deity that once ruthlessly ruled the world. Jennifer and David were chosen as the key components for the Evil One's resurrection during the night of the lunar eclipse. The Mask senses the ancient energy that it recalls from ages past and comes to Rick when he arrives home that night, saying that it will lend Rick its power to thwart its nemesis. Seeing that Jennifer and David are nowhere to be found, Rick reluctantly dons the Mask for the third time and must fight the monsters that have invaded his mansion.


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Rick first makes his way to Jennifer, who is being tortured by Boreworms. He has to fight the Giant Boreworm to free her before they convert her into a mindless beast. In the end, this is revealed to be a distraction, with the Evil One's real plans involving David. David's latent psychic abilities are necessary to unlock the power of a demonic object known as the Dark Stone, which is the final object in the way of the Evil One's return. The Mask explains that the "Elders" imprisoned the world's Black Magic into the Dark Stone, and if it is freed then its storm will once again plague the world. To accomplish this, David is also to be used in a ritual under the full moon. Rick goes to the temple's altar which resides in another dimension to stop the act. Regardless of the outcome, the Evil One appears in its physical form to unleash the power of the Dark Stone itself. Upon defeating the Evil One, the Mask finally reveals its true intentions - with nothing in its way, its consciousness will possess and usurp the Evil One, taking over the world. Rick decides to settle the score with the Terror Mask once and for all.

There are four possible endings, depending if you save Jennifer and David, save one or the other, or fail to save them both. If at least one person died, the Mask will grow stronger from Rick's suffering, and will taunt that it will continue to exist as long as there is human suffering before it breaks apart. The game text mentions that the horror of the battle has vanished, the dawn sky is clear and blue, and the "evil one" has once again been banished to the bowels of the earth. The endings are as follows:

Bad Ending (Both die): If Rick fails to save both his wife and son, the ending goes as usual, but it states that Rick "stands alone, the weight of failure hanging heavily upon him". It then shows a picture of him and his family, with the words "Alone. All alone....."

Jennifer dies or turns into a "mindless beast", but David lives: If Rick fails to save Jennifer, but rescues David, it shows the ending as normal, but that Jennifer "exists only as a memory". It then shows David asking his dad where his mother is, and fades away after that.

Jennifer lives, but David dies: If Jennifer is rescued, but David dies, the ending goes on as usual, but with David "being only a memory". Jennifer then asks Rick where David is, and after a moment she cries out "No....!"

Good Ending (Both survive): Should both Jennifer and David survive, the ending is different. Apart from a more pleasant tune, the Mask's dialog changes. Instead of its usual parting words, it cries out "Can't see.....can't hear... I'm dying....!!" before shattering forever. It continues as normal, saying Rick returns to his family, finally free of the Terror Mask. After the credits, the game ends with "Thanks!!" rather than "Congratulations!!" This is considered the canonical route, as positive outcomes are described in the Japanese instruction manual.

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