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"Let's make a mess, what do you say?" - Terror Mask

Splatter kill.png

A unique animation and ability in Splatterhouse (2010). When a creature is close to death, it will be highlighted with a red glow in which Rick can grab the creature to start a quick-time-event that, if done right, will show Rick kill the creature in a gory animation. If Rick fails to do the execution correctly, the enemy will knock Rick away. Then, the creature partially recovers and need to be weakened again.


  • While performing a Splatterkill, other creatures can try to stop Rick. However, Rick is immune to all damage during these animations.
  • Each creature type has two of it's own animations (Except the Homini wich has no animation and the Abhores, Teratoids, Aegises and Beasts which have only one animation).
  • Biggy Man is the only enemy that has a weapon used in two of it's Splatterkills.