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"You're wondering how I know so much about the Corrupted. Oh, I know about them. For an eternity I was their slave. I escaped through a hole no bigger than a white lie." - Terror Mask

"They are everything and nothing, the many-angled ones, unknowable, timeless, eternal. They inhabit the Abyss, the gulf between what's said and what's understood, the place from whence stems all human suffering. Mankind can only trace their jagged silhouette around the shadow they cast across the world, They are famine, conflict, genocide, they are now and forever amen... and they're coming your way."- A description of the Corrupted given by the Terror Mask

The Corrupted are beings that exist in another plane of existence outside of our own. The Terror Mask absolutely despises the Corrupted and wants only to make them suffer using his own hands (or the hands of his host) for making him their slave for what he calls an eternity. The Terror Mask eventually gets his revenge after killing a member of the Corrupted that was summoned by the Terror Mask after using its host to sacrifice ten thousand souls during the course of five eclipses.

In Dr. West's journal he makes mention of a war that happened in the Abyss, the home and prison of the Corrupted, in which a single entity although injured, escaped into the human world through a small tear in the fabric of the universe. This being seems to be the Mask, however, the Corrupted dismiss these events as lies. Maybe they believed that nothing would dare to fight them, or they are just unwilling to believe in the possibility that one of their slaves is capable of rebelling against them and then escaping from their grasp.


  • Based on their description, the Corrupted are a type of alien-like deity species. This is similar to the strange deities that make up the Cthulhu Mythos, which was created by H.P. Lovecraft and August Derlith.
  • One of the names of The Corrupted is the many-angled ones, the same name is used for a race in Marvel Comics that seek to end the cycle of life and death in all universes unlike The Corrupted who are moving from one world to another consuming and ending all life.