Sometime, before the events of Splatterhouse (2010), the Terror Mask had another host. Nothing is known about the host other than it appears to have been a man and that he was mummified in an Aztec sarcophagus with the Mask still attached. After an attack by Ghasts, Rick Taylor accidently knocked open the sarcophagus and the host's body turned to dust within seconds. The allowed for the Terror Mask to take a new host, Rick.

According to cut content from the game, the former host was a man named Francisco Miguel Cort├ęs, and he was the captain of a treasure galleon ship named Nuestra Senora de la Concepcion. He was forced to land on an island after his ship sank, and sought refuge from the creatures that dwelled upon the island, finding a temple where the creatures would not enter. There, he found the golden sarcophagus that held the Terror Mask. According to him, the Terror Mask spoke to him and said, "If you trust me, if you put me on", prompting him to put on the mask. He was transformed and later captured and condemned to the same sarcophagus in which he found the Terror Mask.

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