The Overlord is the leader of The Corrupted.
The Corrupted Overlord

The Overlord formed from the bodies of the all monsters Rick killed

According to Dr. West, whenever a gateway to The Abyss is opened, The Overlord is always the first to crossover. After that, then the other Corrupted can cross over and can begin feeding off the worlds of the universe. The Overlord is also known as "Ahriman: The Terror That Stalks by Night" in the Zoroastian version of the Old Testament, "The Great Devourer" in the Necronomicon and "Y'siggthugga" by the insectoid race that once lived on planet Famosa. This race burned their entire planet as a sacrifice to the Overlord.

As suggested above, the Overlord is a highly feared and extremely powerful member of the Corrupted. It's true name is unknown, as is the full extent of the Overlord's power. However, it's believed that the Overlord could single-handedly eradicate all life on a planet.

Towards the end of Splatterhouse (2010), The Overlord emerges from the Abyss and builds itself a body made from debris and a large number of corpses. As the Overlord advanced towards Rick and Jennifer, some corpses began to fall off and were given life once more. When he was close enough, Rick transformed into his Berserker form, and tore out the Overlord's heart.


  • Despite being the powerful leader of the Corrupted, it was killed with the combined forces of Rick Taylor and the spirit of the Terror Mask.
  • The Overlord is the throwback to the Hell Chaos of Splatterhouse (1988).
  • The Overlord's heart is actually Ultimate Evil from Splatterhouse 2, suggesting this game fit in the series canon since it's thrown away, not destroyed. It could get its revenge in Splatterhouse 2 by stealing the real Jennifer and bringing her soul into its own dimension, which explains the events in the orginal sequel.

    Ultimate Evil (Splatterhouse 2)

    This could also suggest that Ultimate Evil is actually the result of the Overlord's soul still being inside its heart.