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About me[]

I'm a Jack of All Trades gamer. I hate Twilight (deal with it). I hope that we can get the Splatterhouse wiki in good shape.

I'm kinda new to Splatterhouse. I wanted to know more about the series, but this wiki was in terrible shape when I found it. So, I tried my best to make this wiki better with my limited knowledge of the game series. And with some help, the site's doing okay. Could be better, but it's still okay.

I am one of the admins of the wiki. Not really sure how to work that kinda stuff, though. Can someone explain it to me?

If I am not around, try contacting DarthCookie if there's something wrong with the site. Please, we need as much help as we can possibly get.

I'm also ThSaverior on deviantART.com. Try contacting me there if I am not on the wiki's.

Favorite pages[]