The West Mansion is the primary location of the 1988 and 2010 Splatterhouse games. It is a mysterious and run-down building owned by the even more mysterious Dr. West. The West Mansion is the "Splatterhouse". While it is never clear in the original series just what it was that happened, it can be assumed that the condition of the house is most likely due to experiments West was conducting. The house itself appears to have a life of its own or at the least is inhabited by a demonic being. It can also be assumed that whatever force is controlling the house is creating rifts or distorting reality. Whether the creatures encountered are constructs of the house or have been summoned is never clear (both seem equally likely). The house itself is not destroyed until Rick Taylor kills its heart. Afterward, it seems that the Hell Chaos creature is the house's final attempt at revenge upon Rick. The name of the mansion nor its owner are mentioned in the original Arcade game, having first been named when the game was given a home port in 1990.

In its second appearance, the house is seen to be pieced together with parts from temples and buildings all over the world. The Terror Mask stated that West had been channeling the powers of the dead for over 100 years because the house "dreams of being alive". The creatures are either from other realms or are humans mutated by West's experiments.

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